The Originals Review: Truth, the most dangerous weapon


Truth is the most dangerous weapon in The Original-verse, nothing can disturb or destroy relations in the Nola bayou. “Sanctuary” followed the pattern of the previous episodes with a slower pace and a lot of character development.

The biggest turmoil happened between Hayley and Klaus. Her intentions to share the secret of Hope with Jackson started to create a rift between the fellow hybrids. Klaus quickly found Hayley and a major blow out happened between the parents. Hayley’s words were so powerful and hit Klaus at places he thought he didn’t had. Hayley labeling Klaus as paranoid was surprisingly a revelation and gave his character a new dimension. Klaus character has so many layers and it is no wonder that he is paranoid, cause with power comes great strength and even greater desperation.

Klaus broke Hayley’s neck and went after Jackson and their fight went was an exquiste face off between two alphas. Jackson obviously had no chance but still Jackson fighting so honorable for Hayley and his love towards her. Eventually Hayley appeared and told Klaus she is trusting Jackson and she won’t let him hurt him. So Klaus let Jackson alive but promised him that if he ever hurts Hayley he would die a terrible death. Eventually Hayley confessed the secret of Hope to Jackson, while Klaus acknowledged Elijah that the wolves will be an asset to their team.

ICYMI Jackson confessed Hayley that his grandfather killed her parents cause they wanted to form an alliances with Marcel. Also Grandmother Mary and Klaus shared a intense scene and I loved it. I hope Debra will take a bit more central stage in the next couple of episodes, cause I absolutely adore her.

At the end of the episode Klaus reunited with Bekah as well. Bekah had a tough time going out of the witch Asylum Kol put her in. But Bekah found and ally in a new disturbed girl within the Asylum. It turns out it no one other than Freya, played by Riley Voelkel. Freya was quite the charmer, Rebekah entering the asylum seems to have woke up her from her 100th year sleep and she is ready to rumble. After Bekah saved her from one of the witches in the Asylum and gained her trust Freya helped her exit the Asylum and ultimately revealed herself to her sister.

The surprise on Rebekah’s face was telling everything. I like that the sisters bonded but what is Freya’s endgame? And how the heck is she still so young? TO MANY QUESTIONS! Can’t wait for the show to answer all of them. I like both Maisse and Riley would love for them to stick around and be kick as witches together.

Last but not least Finn and Kol shared some brotherly moments as well. After Aiden informed Davina that Finn took Marcel and Josh, the young witch wanted to free them as soon as possible. Kol on the other hand played the role of the annoying boyfriend who doesn’t cares about his girls friends. I love to feel obnoxious about Daniel Sherman, he is quite hilarious and awful at the same time when he let’s the douchebag out.

Before Kol busted into Finn’s current hideout, Finn was taking Marcel apart. Finn playing around with this supernatural beings is quite entertaining. The writers found a new inspiration in writing the banter between Finn and other cast mates. Soon Kol joined the party and the brothers let it go at each other. Finn despised Kol for being such a parasite low-life who turns his back as it suits him, but Kol brought Finn the last piece of the puzzle. Upon realizing that Klaus and Elijah don’t do anything to find Bekah, he knew that the secret was bigger than he could’ve ever imagine. As a punishment for helping Davina and Aiden free Josh, Finn cursed Kol giving him a bit over 72 hours to say his goodbyes.

In the closing moments it was revealed to us that Finn finally connected the dots with Marcel’s help and realized that Hope was alive. Finn’s next move, FIND HOPE! Every new episode gives us some new intriguing stories to follow, while it resolves with the ones introduced earlier. This season of The Originals is hitting beyond my expectations and I can’t wait for next week to come as we only got 2 more episodes before another break knocks on our door.


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