Gotham Review: Phobia support group

julian-sands-gotham-fox“The Fearsome Dr. Crane” was a really different episode of Gotham. I like when a show tries something new and Dr Crane was really something but still I don’t like that the overall story suffered from the distraction and that we are still standing at the same place at the end of the episode.

The most entertaining part of the episode was once more Oswald. This week Fish set him up as she told Maroni that Oswald was playing him all along. Maroni right away made a move against Oswald and took him to a cabine in the woods to take make a move against him. The confrontation was quite intriguing but things ended quite bad for our favorite penguin, as Maroni outsmarted him.

But as always the Penguin weaseled his way out of the life or dead situation when Maroni tried to crush him. Oswald did everything possible to prevent Maroni from killing him, even wanted to spill beans on the connection between Indiana Hill and Arkham and why it is so important to Falcon. I could barely understand anything from Oswald’s mumbling but it’s surely and interesting stand point for further development. Oswald of course escaped from the car crusher, but just after scaring Duffy, the car waste owner.

Robin Lord Taylor certainly is Gotham’s breakout star but Cory Michael Smith won’t let that award go away to easy. Edward Nygma started to get into his creep this week and his road to become the Riddler. After investigating a corpse from this weeks case of the week, Edward earned himself a suspension. The quirky way he was going on that really interesting. But his move to set up the examiner felt just right and well deserved. Also Edward’s scenes with Kristen Kringle get more interesting by episode, will her demise throw him over the edge and turn him into the villain we all love and cherish. The evolution into the Riddler is one of the stories I really look forward to.

Edward’s move against the examiner open up space for dr Leslie Thompkins to enter more into Jim’s life. Jim and Leslie grew much closer this week as he finally showed he was open towards something more between them. I liked how he felt uncomfortable while flirting or even make simple conversation. Leslie also helped in this weeks case as she revealed Edward’s primer suspicion that the killer was taking something out of the bodies, their Adrenal glands. Leslie’s suspicion was about the murderer wanting highly concentrated cortisol from his victims.

Jim shared a sad and powerful scene with Bruce this week. After Jim encountered Selina at Barbara’s loft she fessed up about not seeing the Wayne murderer. This lead to the scene between Jim and Bruce, where Bruce asked Jim to back off the case as he didn’t accomplish anything so far and that he will conduct an investigation on his own. A stunned Bruce didn’t know how to react but was quite shaken up that he disappointed his friend. Even though harsh Bruce words where quite truthful, hope he will move forward with the investigation.

I’ll conclude my review with the case of the week involving Dr Crane, the father of the future villain Scarecrow. Crane was killing his victims putting them through their biggest fears. Crane was picking up his victims from a Phobia support group, which he was a part of two. Crane was suffering from the fear of failure which he inherited from his father and conveyed to his son. It gave an interesting dimension to the character and the appearance of his kid added another edge to it. Harley and Jim almost caught him but Crane was smart enough to escape and prepare new torment for next weeks episode.

ICYMI One of Crane’s victim was afraid of Pigs, it was a hilarious move.

ICYMI 2 Also we saw a more vulnerable side of Harley at the Phobia support group, where he confessed his fear of dying on the streets of Gotham. I’m glad I grew to like Harley cause he is quite the charmer when you get to know him.

The episode ended with Fish on her boat getting attacked by some random people, got a feeling they aren’t random at all and will have a bigger role in her comeback later in the season. So the episode was still entertaining and enjoyable but the lack of progress is still hovering over the show like a bad omen. Hopefully that will change soon.


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