Agent Carter Review: Natural Instincts

Bia5GzBAfter a one week break, Agent Carter came back with a strong episode but the arrival of Howard Stark is certainly a game-changer. “The Blitzkrieg button” was filled with action, big laughs and a big emotional .

The episode started with Peggy and Jarvis saving Howard and Peggy letting crash at her place. Their interactions felt fresh, exciting and make me laugh quite hard. Howard being a ladies man and Peggy immune to his charm made his appearance much more interesting. Watching these two interact was like looking at me and my bff as we have similiar chemistry.

But Peggy and Howard weren’t spending time and Howard revealed that he needed for Peggy to explore which of his inventions were found in the previous episode. Howard needed his only active invention back, The Blitzkrieg button. But Peggy was quite surprised what she really found within the Blitzkrieg button.

The button contained a vial of Steve Roger’s blood and that gave Howard a blue eye from Peggy. An emotional scene featured a hurt Peggy throwing the most awful insults into Howard’s face. I really didn’t expect that from Peggy but Howard deserved it till a degree. But Peggy was to hurt to see straight and evicted Howard out of her room. She cut herself from him and told she was done with him. She also cut her ties with Jarvis leaving the future of their mission in the unknown.

ICYMI Stan Lee made an appearance as well. He played shoeshiner patron borrowing the sports section from Howard.

Peggy shared a surprisingly sincere scene with Jack Thompson this week. While she was extracting the invention she encountered him cleaning up and he asked her what she was doing in the SSR when she knew she will never be respected cause being a women. I really enjoy having Chad Michael Murray back on Tv, he does a great job by balancing his asshole attitude and insightful googly eye moments, he really has killer eyes.

Thompson was in charge of the SSR as Dooley departed for Germany this week. Watching Thompson in charge was quite entertaining.  You can’t blame Thompson for being a chauvinist, he was raised this way. But this week he showed a lot of soul and intelligence. Of course that amount of soul and intelligence had to came with a lot of his standard “I know it all, I’m the best ” attitude. Sousa brought in a witness who saw Peggy and Jarvis call in the anonymous tip about Howard’s  inventions, but the witness wasn’t eager to contribute. Thompson than stepped in and convinced the witness to reveal what he knows.

As said earlier Dooley was in Germany investigating a Nazi colonel, called Mueller. Dooley wanted information about the Finow battle but the only think Mueller revealed was that no Russian died by German hands. No clue what that means but upon his return the mysterious writing machine was leaving a message.

This week we also got to meet Dottie, who killed a criminal in front of Peggy’s door. Dottie is supposed to be a precursor product to the Black Widow program while the guy she killed was a criminal who smuggled Howard into NY. We are half way through this  8 episode mini series and the story was build up very well. If the conclusion to the story will be as good as the build up I’ll be really happy.


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