How To Get Away With Murder Review: Can’t catch a Break


How to get away with Murder is finally back from its 2 month winter break! Watching “Hello Raskolnikov”, felt like a completely different show, as the pace and overall dynamic profoundly changed. HTGAWM reached its level of believable and started pushing in different directions. All the events in the first couple of episodes were quite believable and felt authentic but at this point every action seems like pushing it a bit too far.  The deal breaker in this case is: What would you do in the same situation? How would you react to that kind of stress? 99% of us don’t know how the situation should feel and can’t look how the proper reaction should look.

The individual interrogations were brilliantly intersected with the overall story, while the flashbacks to the murder night between Wes and Annalise were quickly presented and gave us the answers we needed to continue the journey. Annalise thought of every little move, the sex with Nate, the phone call to Bonnie, the tensions she builds up with Wes. But the real beauty of Annalise’s character is that you really don’t know what she is feeling, which tear is real and which one is fake, to whom she is loyal and whom she’ll stab in the back.

The episode picked up with the morning after the murder and 2 detectives interrogating Annalise and we see her flashback to her moments with Wes during the murder night. Later Annalise arrived at the murder house and started “working” through her grief and prepared working on a dismissal for Rebecca’s case.

After getting a warrant to look through security footage of an abortion clinic, Frank delivered Annalise the results of the paternity test. The test revealed that Sam indeed was the father of Lila’s child. Annalise’s reaction surprised Frank and Annalise had to come clean.

During a court date Annalise used the security footage and paternal test to come closer to releasing Rebecca. With this move Annalise obtained the laptop and Rebecca’s case was dismissed.

While working with Annalise the Keating4, involved in the murder case, were questioning if they did the right thing or better said at least Connor and Michaela questioned their actions. I was surprised how calm Wes and Laurel were in the situation and this makes me question what they went through to handle this situation this well.

Connor was the one who seeded the seed of doubt into Michaela and after pushing her buttons the right way the 2 agreed to come clear to the police. Besides that Connor shared a jealous scene with Oliver who was dating an underwear model. I like how Oliver was giving Connor the cold shoulder and how Connor played it was affecting him.

Once again the surprise factor of the episode was Laurel. I mean her game of cat and mouse with Frank was intriguing, while her lies about Sam looking at her sexually came out of nowhere. I certainly didn’t expect her to betray Connor and Michaela. After Frank informed her he knew about what they did, she knew Wes told Annalise and informed the two of them that Connor and Michaela would come clean. I still don’t know if Laurel is just a loyal person or just truly broken.

In front of the police station the probably most sincere scene of the episode happened, as Annalise and Wes appeared in front of Connor and Michaela as they were about to confess. Annalise assured the 4 sneaky criminals that they would get away with this. The scene had such a great vibe as the 4 looked like scared little teens while Annalise was portraying the mother figure promising everything would be okay, cause she’ll protect them.

At the end of the episode we see Annalise giving her students their final exam, the exam imitating the facts of the murder night.  The episode’s final scene revealed the arrival of Hannah Keating, played by the amazing Marcia Gay Harden. Annalise’s reaction was more than forthcoming making me look forward to see why Annalise is afraid of Hannah.


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