Reign Review: Alone for appearances

Reign-Banished-Season-2-Episode-12-05-550x366Reign returned with an amazing episode, following their trend of delivering excellent episodes this season. “Banished” was an exquisite outing turning some rather boring stories into a pleasure to watch to.

I can’t stop to praising Megan Follows for her performance this week. As the ghost children and sex story was a bit out of order, Catherine’s struggle between the happiness the ghosts provide her and guilt for accusing Claude of killing the twins was just great treat. Catherine lost so much in her live, and even though she maybe didn’t love Henry with the same passion anymore, with his death she lost rule. Everything that happened to her weakened her and the hallucinations took over her. She was lead on the brick of death when she went out in the cold to play with the kids. Thankfully Bash came to a rescue.

Later Bash shared his discovery with Catherine. Bash and Claude discovered that the nanny put the flowers into the twins mouths but just after the she found them froze to death, as a window stayed open while she had coitus with Henry. This gave absolution to Claude who finally could breath freely.

Catherine finally saw things clearly and in a powerful scene we saw her chase away the twins and Henry. But things didn’t end here as Catherine realized Dianna killed the twins, she went completely mental and killed Diane.

After his talk to Catherine, Bash also realized his mother was guilty of killing the twins. Bash banished his mother from his life but Diane couldn’t exit without a bang, she told Bash that Kenna told Catherine about Diane’s attempt to legitimaze Bash. This erupted a new fight between the shaken spouses and even though Kenna has fair points in explaining why she did what she did. Bash certainly overreacted as he killed plenty people in the name of his King.

Meanwhile things went downwards for Greet as rumors raised that Castleroy was tied into founding the attack on the Castle. Mary right away talked to Greer, but she said Mary she had no clue about what she was talking. Sadly that was a big mistake. Leith sought out Greer and together they thought they took care of the problem but evidence was found to connect Castleroy to the Radical protestants and Greer was banished from the castle.

She was lucky she didn’t got executed. At the end a beautiful goodbye scene happened between Mary and Greer as both girls were heartbroken about the impending goodbye. This story will certainly serve Greer to reconnect even more with Leith, I hope they leave the court and we won’t see them anymore.

The situation with Greer served Francis as a good opportunity to come closer to Mary again, but before that things weren’t looking so good. While Franics was giving away Naricisse’s estated (yeay for Craig Parker appearing again), Mary suggested that Conde deserved something for being loyal to the crown. Francis wasn’t that fond of the idea and when he saw Mary getting invested with Conde he jealousy was growing stronger.

This resulted with Francis challenging Conde to a fight duel with sticks, something the French did back in the day at their celebration. The fight quickly got out of control making it quite obvious Conde has feelings for Mary. I like how afterwards Mary and Francis dealt with the issue and Conde wasn’t dragged in. Francis confronted Mary about Conde’s feelings and maybe hinted that she sent him mixed signals. Mary first was quite judgementel towards Francis’s accusations but realized Francis was right. In a new surprising moment Mary asked Lola to make a move towards Conde, so people would stop talking about her and him.

The scene between Conde and Lola was quite funny, and I’m always so happy when Anna Popplewell gets space to be smart, sassy and rule over the males. Even Conde was intriugied with Lola and agreed to play part in the charade.

The episode ended on a good note for the Frary, cause after all the turmoil with Greer and Conde, Francis offered to keep her company in her chamber. Mary agreed and the two of them made a big step towards normality. This episode made me really look forward to the rest of the season. I’m just hoping we will get more of Narcisse, Conde and Lola as the show progresses..


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