Quick Recap: Grey’s Anatomy 11×09


– “Where do we go from here” was GA’s winter premier and a fabulous episode picking right were we left of back on November 20th.

– The MerDer fight pushed Meredith to her limits. She even opened up to Owen while spending time in the OR. But she channeled her emotions towards the surgery and the mother who drove over a bridge with her kids. She couldn’t believe a mother would ever do that to her family, tear the family apart without a reason. All the symptoms led Mer to the diagnose of Insulinoma, a pancreatic tumor. While the lab results weren’t confirming the diagnose, Meredith wouldn’t give up and she found the tumor.

– She later suffered a mental break during the interview with the Nanny. She was on the brick of tears while explaining that She just needs a person. Thankfully the nanny was open-minded. Meredith than calmed down and called Derek telling him she doesn’t want to fight anymore and that they can do the long distance thing.

– I liked they included the post it vows in the whole story and that it was more important what they while writing them than what they vowed to each other during the real wedding.

– Meanwhile Jackson shared with April what Stephanie told him. Surprisingly April returned to work right away, but Jackson couldn’t let her just work and forced Owen to push her out of the OR. April went mental and channeled her anger in all the wrong way. She wasn’t talking about the baby just about anything else. She than clashed with Jackson and later with Stephanie but still wasn’t ready to talk about the baby. April focused her anger towards the woman who drove her kids over the bridge and had another bad moment in front of Callie. She pushed April to confide with her but April wasn’t there yet. After treating all the injured people, April finally opened up to Jackson and the way her believes were shaken up was just heartbreaking. April finally broke and the two made a step forwards, even though it pains them so much.

– Jackson meanwhile was dealing with the pain on his own. Dealing with the husband of the Insulinoma woman was pushing him towards working on the problem.

– Amelia and Arizona were meanwhile continuing to work on dr Herman’s case. Herman quickly found out about Arizona confiding with Amelia about her tumor. This brought up a speech about hope, where Geena Davis was killing it. Later Arizona confronted her about that same hope that other people like April and Jackson have. At a meeting with Owen, Amelia and Arizona Herman decided to do the operation but wait till the last possible moment.

– We also got interesting scenes between Alex and Bailey. The insulinoma woman hit a bunch of people during her blackout in, including two really cute brothers. The younger brother was adorable and Bailey playing cat and mouse with him to get their parents phone number from them.

– This week we hadn’t spend anytime with Maggie but I’ll hope that changes next week.



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