The Vampire Diaries Review: What the Hell did you do to me?

PrayerForDying1The Vampire Diaries are more than back on track! “Prayer for the Dying” was another great episode that served us a lot of emotional development and a more than surprising merge.

Let’s start with the awesome Sheriff Forbes story. Caroline’s attempt to save Liz with Vampire backfired, as Colin died after the blood rush and was Vampire with enormous pain. As he said he could even hear his tumor growing. Damon eventually killed Colin as the only way to save his Colin from the pain. Caroline went from zero to devastated in like 100 seconds. Thankfully she had Stefan by her side, he knew her favorite type of blood, he know how she was feeling (as his mother died on him as well) and he had just the right words to calm her down.

Meanwhile Damon found a way to extract the blood out of Liz’s body. As said the on the seasons promotional poster, “All spell breaks loose. And so Damon did, he woke up Kai from his medicated state and used his power to absorb all the magical vampire blood from Liz. The plan succeeded but the process took a big notch on Liz and her heart stopped working. Kai used the moment to escape with Liz and Delena was unable to safe Liz. Suddenly Caroline appeared and her scream brought Liz back from the death.

After her miracle recovery Liz asked Stefan to be by Caroline side and be there for her. Stefan of course couldn’t deny Liz her plea, but Caroline heard all of it cause of her vampire supperhearing.

In other Delena related news, Liz death broke Elena’s heart and she didn’t want to lose time and enjoy her present day and engaged in a passionate kiss with Damon. Delena works so much better when they take it up slowly when their relationship isn’t about drama just about their sincere feelings.

But Damon’s action came with consequences. A loose Kai abducted Jo and intended to complete the merger with her. But was interrupted by Luke. He couldn’t bare the thought of loosing his sister and interfered with the merger and merged with Kai instead. Kai was bit off doing it with Luke but after Luke called him chicken he couldn’t back down. Brothers right?

The Merge, which seemed a bit anticlimactic, left both brothers knocked out. But eventually Luke wasn’t the one to survive making Kai the new leader of the Gemini coven. Previous to the merger Luke and Liv met with their father as it was their 22nd birthday. Joshua Parker aka Papa Disappearance Parker pretended to be on the board with Jo merging with Kai, but was about to force merge the Twins. Thankfully Tyler saved his maiden and protected her from Papa. Later Joshua asked Liv to escape with him but she wouldn’t leave before seeing Luke. I really adore Penelope Mitchell in this role she is quite a handful, loveable and has a great personality.

MIA We saw no hint of Matt, Enzo, Jeremy, Bonnie or Alaric, half of the main cast is missing and the show delivered on of its best episodes. Next week will finally be Bonnie centric again and I can’t wait as the Gemini Coven story will take it slow the next couple of episodes while we deal with Bonnie and Liz.


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