Quick Recap: The100 2×10

The-100-Survival-of-the-Fittest_JahaMalfoy– The100 delivered one more excellent episode with slowly approaching this seasons main goal, take down Mount Weather. “Survival of the Fittest” was intense, emotional and unpredictable, and that are just a couple of reasons why I love this show!

– Clarke and Lexa were trying to figure out a plan to take out MW and while Clarke wanted to wait for Bellamy while Lexa was under a lot of pressure to finally make a move against Mount Weather. The negotiations went south quickly and Clarke wanted a moment to chill out just to be attacked by one of the Grounders. During her run she saw Major Byrne hurt and dying after her son was ripped of. Clarke started running from the Grounders but was caught eventually but Lexa didn’t gave up on Clarke. Out of nowhere a Gorilla appeared and started tearing apart the grounders. He almost got Lexa and Clarke but they found refuge.

– During their time alone, the girls shared some special moments. Clarke told Lexa she wouldn’t let her die cause she needed her, cause if anyone of her Generals would become Commander their friends in MW would lost. Than Lexa shared part of Grounder mythology, that her spirit will choose the next leader upon her death not hierarchy.

– A surprising alliance was build between Murphy and Jaha. Both anti-grounders found common ground in their hate and shared some interesting moments after Murphy took Jaha to Wells’s grave. Murphy explained Jaha what really happened to Wells and told him that his project with the100 only brought suffering. Afterwards Jaha shared with Murphy the secret of The City of Life, a place where everyone is accepted and where all of them could find salvation. The next morning a group of people joined Jaha on his journey to find The City of Life. After one more inspirational speech Murphy decided to follow Jaha on his quest.

– Back at the camp the Grounders were training in front of the Sky people and tension was all over the place. Kane and Indra were slowly trying to connect their people but the tension was really up high. Than Octavia stepped in as she wanted to prove herself to  both Grounders and Sky People. After she was beaten up by one of the Grounders, but wouldn’t back down till she couldn’t walk. That way she earned Indra’s respect and was chosen to become Indra’s second.

– This put Octavia in a terrible position as Kane assigned her to be a spy for the Sky People. Kane was afraid cause he didn’t know what would happen to the peace between the nations when they take down MW.

– Bellamy and Lincoln were meanwhile infiltrating MW through the secret tunnels. As uncertain as their plan was they had to improvise as they approached their main goal. Things got really weird when Lincoln willingly took the Reaper drug and Bellamy was captured by the MW people.

– MIA this week were Abby, Raven and the MW kids.

– Things are heating up as we only have 6 more episodes till the season end of The100.


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