Quick Recap: Scandal 4×10

Scandal-4x10-Olivia-is-Taken-500-500x312– TGIT finally returned last night and 3 of my favorite ABC dramas returned. Scandal let us quite hanging after the mid-season finale in which we saw Olivia disappearing from her apartment. The show picked up right we’re we left off.

– A half naked Jake entered the living room just to see there is no sign of Liv. In a Captain America kidn of way Jake tried to catch the car but wasn’t successful. The only thing he got was the licence plate, but he didn’t know it was set up as Liv was taken to the apartment across from hers.

– While the Jake was running after the fake car, the kidnappers entered the apartment and took the cameras out. But Olivia was smart enough to drop one ring of her finger and hide it in the apartment. The apartment belonged to To my huge surprise one of the kidnappers was played by Grey’s Anatomy’s Robert Baker.

– The episode was perfectly written and Kerry Washington played the episode of her life. I was so stunned by how well she played the pain, the terrify in her eyes, the brilliant mind working in over drive.

– Back to the story, after killing the woman in the apartment where Liv was taken to, she was extracted from the apartment in an emergency car, than she was put to sleep and woke up in sort of prison with an inmate, Ian. He was completely in panic and couldn’t help himself than playing out to much. He seemed quite sneaky and I didn’t trust him.

– After a couple of days, Olivia tried to escape and of course she was caught. To punish her the kidnappers took Ian and killed him. The weird thing was why take him out of the cell and kill him there wouldn’t the impact be bigger with killing him in front of Liv? It smelled rotten.

– The next time we see Olivia is she is hallucinating Jake rescuing her and than spending time in Vermont with Fitz. The awaken hit hard when Tom and Abby appeared in her dream and it was painful to see Olivia’s bland face upon awakening.

– But Olivia still wasn’t giving up. She wanted to run away the same like during her previous attempt, through the bathroom window just to realize they closed it. After a small mental breakdown, Olivia found a new weapon. She curbed of a pipe from the tap construction and attempted to escape. She upper-handed one kidnapper, shot an other and opened the red door. Just to see Ian on the other side of the door in a storage room. The whole thing was a set up to extract information from her.

– My words after watching the episode are just wow. Wow Wow Wow! Next week can’t come soon enough.


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