Arrow Review: Awakening of the Black Canary

9af2a0d931544923c935f4c6240006e0Arrow’s Laurel Lance had to suffer a lot of haters talking shhhh while growing as a character, things got even uglier when it was announced that she would wear the suit after just a couple of episodes of training. But last night Katie Cassidy shut all those smack talking mouths with an extraordinary performance and some great rookie moments. “Midnight City” was packed with emotions, action, funny moments and some information about the events in Hong Kong.

This week we see Laurel trying to protect the people of Starling but wasn’t really successful so Roy had to step in and safe her. Of course a huge escalation with Roy and Diggle followed cause the boys were worried about Laurel’s life. After 3 of Starling City’s Aldermen were abducted by Brick, guest star Vinnie Jones, Laurel forced herself into a rescue mission with Roy. Laurel was clumsy, unstable but fought with a lot of soul. Her heart broke when Brick killed one of the Aldermen cause she and Roy interfered.

Her we get to the most emotional scene of the evening, Felicity pushing Laurel to become Canary! As the episode started Felicity was still out of Team Arrow and continued to self pity her destiny. But her seeing Laurel trying to take on Sara’s mantle inspired her. She realized that she had to continue to fight not cause of the dead but for the living. Felicity asked Ray for his helicopter and the newly formed Team Arrow went to kick some major buts. The fight scene featuring Canary and Arsenal was really well executed, again the new Canary made many clumsy moves and was hit a couple of times but she took it like a hero and just kept moving. Eventually they rescued the remaining Altermen and successfully escaped from Brick’s clutches.

Still Brick maybe didn’t win the fight but took home the price. The mayor was so afraid that he let Brick have the Glades and took all police out of that part of the city. The only bad part of the story is that Laurel is still keeping the truth from Quentin. I understand her worries but he deserves the truth, thinking that Sara came back to protect the city won’t help him overcome the painful truth.

ICYMI Laurel was quite resourceful, as in a moment of need she broke her heel and stabbed on of Brick’s people.

On the other side of Starling Thea and Malcolm were fighting about her decision not to leave the city. Thea needed Malcolm to be truthful but he was to afraid. I was surprised that a pep talk from Roy would be a reason for Malcolm to tell the semi-truth to Thea. I loved the scene between Roy and Malcolm as you could see in Roy’s eyes he was scared to death by Malcolm. He knew he had no chance but still did whatever it takes to protect Thea.

Malcolm told Thea about Ra and how he is hunting him down and that was enough for Thea. She believed her fathers words but I was quite surprised to see her talk sense into Malcolm. She really hit Malcolm hard with her speech about how he thought her not to run and that she would never run again. She is there to stay and will fight against who ever endangers her or her father’s peace.

This week we saw another Olicity kiss. Oliver was dreaming about Felicity and it was so sweet. But more important is what happened with Maseo and Tatsu. While Tatsu was taking care of Oliver, Maseo was bickering in the corner. It was revealed that the two of them parted ways, apparently after their son died. The grief was to much for Maseo to take and we all thought Tastu was the dead one. Later a couple of Ra’s people appeared and Maseo and Tastu had to kill them. Maseo cut himself as well portraying it like Oliver killed the warriors and hurt him. In a game changing moment it was revealed that DJ Chase, Thea’s new flame, is one of Ra’s man who was spying for the league and reporting back to Maseo.

Back in Hong Kong Oliver and Maseo went to one of China White’s clubs to find Tatsu. Maseo even wanted to hand over the Alpha so he would get his wife back. Thankfully Amanda predicted this and set him up with a fake one. Oliver, Maseo and Tatsu had a lot of luck and escaped China White. Got a bit intrigued by the Hong Kong story, I’m hope we’ll soon see a Oliver training with Tastu.

Next week the long wait is over and Oliver will reunite with his Team and it should be quite emotional and just wow, as Team Arrow is facing Brick and his army in a huge battle. Should be more than interesting.



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