Pretty Little Liars Review: Sins hidden in a Bin

b1702e76fdc649e0c97532e223041480You know PLL went the wrong way when the most interesting part of last Tuesdays episode, “The Bin of Sin”, was Ashley dealing with a quite turned on Jason. As we are already used to the show used silly plots to continuously move away from the main stories and do anything but deliver answers.

Truth to be told the Jashley storyline was much more interesting than the usual drama our main liars were involved with. Jason seemed to be more into Ashley than anyone thought and was eager to explore whatever was between them. Ashley shot down all intentions Jason had with her mention of Tom. Later the two spent other moments and they bonded, letting Jason dive in for one more shot and one more kiss but Ashley set her mind. Either way I assumed someone recorded the kiss so that Ashley won’t get her happily ever after.

Hanna was center of attention this week. She went completely mental when Spencer and Caleb informed her about the awful storage locker that was on her name. She went rouge and decided to clean up the locker on her own, of course a stupid move. Even more stupid Caleb joining her. After they broke in the locker they were shocked that of all things only the barrel was left standing. The more shocking development Toby and Tanner catching Caleb and Hanna at the storage. Toby informed Tanner about his suspicions involving and they tagged along to the storage unit.

At the end Tanner confronted Toby about him being part of the police and they he should be completely honest with her. Hanna meanwhile confronted Spencer about Toby helping tanner and the girls clashed. I like those intense scenes between the girls, it always changes the dynamics between them. Hanna later wanted to push Caleb away from her but he wouldn’t let her. He practically promised her always and forever.

Tension between Spencer and Toby didn’t calm down either, his desire to be an asset turned out to be a huge obstacle in their future. Things further escalated when he wasn’t returning her calls and shut her out.  Spoby fans should worry, but than they shouldn’t as Marlene isn’t killing one of her major ships.

Speaking of ships PLL’s probably biggest ship hit a huge road block! Aria finally stepped up and confessed to Ezra what she wrote in the acceptance letter. Surprisingly he reacted quite well but after reading the letter for a second time he decided he and Aria should back off each other. He knew Aria wasn’t really thinking those things but there most certainly is a part of her that doubts their relationship. Later in a silent moment Aria was looking through her year book and realized she didn’t accomplished anything special in her high school years.

Emily was dealing with some emotional turmoil as well. She got closer to Talia, the new chef in Ezra’s cafe. Talia officially announced she was interested in Emily and our girl was shocked! But I don’t even have to mention how badly Talia smells like betrayal and hidden agenda. Let’s see what she has in store.

While Allison didn’t appear this week on screen, “A” was still plotting against our girls. She set up Spencer, Aria and Emily to meet at an old fabric. There “A” set up an Laptop playing Haleb’s talk about getting rid of the evidence, which resulted in Spencer and Aria getting trapped in a cold room and almost freezing to death. Thankfully Emily appeared and banged enough stuff to free her two girls.

Besides the Jashley moments and the Tanner-Toby interactions this episode was quite boring, even though “A” tried to kill the girls. I mean we got used to the “A” schemes and they are just letting us spin in circles before we season finale. We still have 8 episodes in this season and should be fun to see the writers invent new ways of keeping answers from us..


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