The Originals Review: Petty Prisoners


1cbe85450e374279c2174efd12ab0609The Originals delivered one more great episode last Monday. “Brotherhood of the Damned” was another strong episode, with slower pace and if you take out the slow motion scene of Marcel’s vamps going through Nola it was really really enjoyable.

Before praising the writers for a really strong episode I have to express how pissed I am for not including Rebekah in this episode. Come on after last weeks shocking developments we were left in the rain. Shame on you!

Now back to what really happened! Finn was all out and used his magic in a tremendous way. He captured himself with his 3 brothers on an astral plane playing a bit around with their emotions and trust. Kol was quickly released as he was bitching around cause his body was at the Mikaelson Mansion. So Finn moved on to his Klaus and Elijah and his main interest was in why Klaus killed his father upon his return. Obviously there wasn’t much logic there and I liked how Finn noticed that. But Klaus and Elijah weren’t in a mood to share and Klaus made a huge move against Finn. He told him how strong the bond between him and his others siblings is. The truth Klaus spoke shuck up Finn’s spell and Finn was forced to release his brothers from the prison.

The banter between the siblings was really well written and nicely pointed out that the issue wasn’t with the Original trio it was within Finn and his moral standards. Finn of course didn’t intend to back down and sought out Marcel and kidnapped all of recently released Vamps, setting up some interesting story for next week’s episode.

Speaking of Marcel he had a nice storyline on his own. After the events of last night we find out that Marcel was bitten by one of the moon ring wearing wolves. That lead to a series of World War I flashbacks including Marcel turning a bunch of his fellow warrior cause he didn’t want to lose them. The analogy between the Vamps craving for blood and the soldiers craving for survival was nicely balanced. Marcel’s speech to his Vamps was extraordinary, but the mix up scene between the blood thirsty Vamps walking through the city and the soldier Vamps tearing apart the town was just BORING! Gia got some screen time again and that girl is a player. After questioning every decision Marcel made, she ended up with gently scratching his head. Will be interesting to see where she goes from here!

Before getting trapped by Finn in that astral world, Elijah once more shared a great scene with Cami. Never thought these two would share such a great connection.

Are you name dropping Freud?

Cami later told him that she maybe doesn’t know to much about psychology but she knows how it feels when someone steal your memories. Cami is really insightful, I hope she gets a bit more kick ass and makes moves on her own. Being a damsel in distress suits her but think she would be much better as a Buffy, the Vampire Slayer type of girl.

Meanwhile Hayley tried to make it work with Jackson. As the werewolf Queen she is Hayley intended to do whatever it takes to keep her wolves safe. So she didn’t mind to go and meet Jackson’s grandmother, Mary (played by Debra Mooney). Jackson arranged for Mary to be the Alpha wolf to marry him and Hayley. Mary was quite the delightful grandmother, just what you would assume by seeing what a great man Jackson grew up to be. The issue that came up here is that the had to smoke or drink some herbes that would force them to be completely thruthful to each other. Hayley was completely against cause she wasn’t sure if she can share Hope’s faith with Jackson, but after Jackson delivered on more heartwarming speech she was on board.

Come back with me. We’ll take it one step at a time. And if anything makes you uncomfortable, you tell me and we stop. And when it comes time to open up, I’ll go first because I don’t run. And I don’t scare easy. Your secrets are my secrets and your demons my demons. You will never have to fight them alone. I promise you that.

The episode concluded with Josh telling Klaus about the ritual and he raging to find his baby mother. Things are heating up and I like it. Next week should be a lot of fun as Klaus goes up against Hayley, Finn tortures the truth out of Marcel and Rebekah gets a new friend in the Asylum.



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