The Flash Review: Sound of Betrayal


So this is how Flash does it!!! When the Pied Piper was announced to appear in the show I had no clue they would exploit him in such a brilliant way! Introducing a Meta who has back story with the whole Flash Team was a great idea; it gave us some interesting and funny flashbacks, a lot of strong banter and revealed some major secrets.

The Pied Piper aka Hartley Rathaway, played by Andy Mientus, is a genius that worked with Wells on the Particle Accelerator. He is a brilliant man but parted ways with our team before they put the accelerator in use. Prior to that he was shunt by his family after coming out and found refuge with Wells.

Story wise Hartley first broke into Wells’s home and was later quickly caught by the Flash. Right of the bat Hartley seeded the seed of doubt into Well’s team announcing he knows Well’s big secret. Harrison was than forced to come clean, he said that Hartley found out that the Accelerator could go boom back in the day and that Harrison was willing to risk it.

It was quite obvious he wanted to be caught and Cisco quickly was onto him. But before exiting the STAR lab, he injured Cisco and stole some intelligence from the lab. Once more forced into the corner Wells held a press conference and confessed his sins to the people of Central City. Wells is playing this whole game on a different level and you have to enjoy it. You never know what he thinks or what his next move will be.

In an epic confrontation Hartley went mental on some Central city cars and Barry interfered. During their fight we found out that Hartley stole The Flash’s molecular basis to take him apart. Well’s than interfered with some noise via satellite radio and stopped Hartley.

I loved the focus Cisco got with this week. His determination to stop Hartley just made him up his game. I enjoyed the moment Wells told he choose Cisco cause of his heart. Also Caitlin’s moments felt much more sincere.

But the highlights of the episode were the Joe-Barry moments for sure. The two really feel each other so great. Barry approaching Joe to say thanks for giving Barry the best he could was once more beautifully written and executed.

Iris featured her first solo storyline this week as she got a job at the Central City Picture News. Her excitement quickly burned down after she realized she got the job only cause of her Flash insight. After taking some punches from her mentor Mason Bridge, she sought comfort with Barry. Their interaction at this point felt quite forced and I’m not a fan of them hanging out at this moment, they should get enough space for each other, to miss each other at moments. But the pep talk given by Barry helped Iris step up and fight for her position at the newspaper. Next week we’ll meet a new love interest for Barry, Iris’s co-worker Linda Park.

The Flash continued their trend of blowing up our minds in the final moments of the episode. First Hartley told Cisco that he would let him go quickly cause he knew where Ronnie is and what happened to him. But that wasn’t all Well’s had a deep conversation with Gideon once more. During this we saw him using the tachyon to become the Reverse Flash and also Wells mention super speed! But Well’s calmed us all down informing the real thing is coming soon and he won’t need the Tachyon. JAW DROPPING! Can’t wait for next week’s episode to air and see the introduction of Linda and Ronnie.


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