Quick Recap: The Challenge Battle of the Exes II 26×04

images– Drama, drama, drama! Out of nowhere The Challenge house was filled with countless drama, “Crazy, Stupid, Love” brought up a lot of feelings and douchy attitude! Let’s break down the drama.

– Things picked up right where episode 3 left of with Adam and Brittany hooking up at the Dome party. I mean come on Brit, how low can you get. I really don’t get her pining over him when he clearly never was really into her. Besides Adam and Brittany drama, at party an ex swap happened with Zach and Joanna and Jay and Jenna. Zach and Jenna are the perfect couple, he an pure self-obsessed asshole while Jenna is stupid enough to not see past his muscles. Some awful pathetic comments were exchanged and the couples kissed out of pure spite. True love is born.

– The Challenge game this week was particullary sleazy as the girls had to dip into some pink ugly stuff and exchange the fluid with the boys with full body contact. Of course there were bunch of comments regarding how the opposite Ex enjoyed the action and were sticking around special body parts. At the end Jemmye and Knight were the weakest couple and sent directly into the Dome.

– In a close close run Joanna and Zach defeated Sarah and Jordan who came in on the second position. Zach and Joanna were declared as Power couple and here is where the real drama started. Zach and Joanna were on the same page they would throw in a Rookie couple, either Jay and Jenna or Adam and Brittany. Zach later removed Jay and Jenna of the table and Joanna was fine with it. But that quickly changed after Adam stripped for all the girls and asked Joanna not to vote him in. Honestly they were already in 2 times and it wasn’t justified to send them in again.

– Later Zach and Joanna sent Adam and Brittany in raising just more drama. Zach is accusing Joanna for being the pitty jealous baby. Back in the day I really liked Zach but he is such a douche and I can’t stand him.

At the Dome, the game Breaking Up, pushed the 2 teams to their limit. But Adam and his huge physical advantage took home the victory for Adam and Brittany, sending Jemmye and Knight into the Exile. This week the Exile game wasn’t held as Knight dislocated his shoulder in the Dome game. Sadly this was Knight’s last appearance at the Challenge as he died last December. #RIP Knight, I hope you have a blast where ever you are.

– Nanny dealt with a lot of unresolved feelings towards Bananas! It’s really awful to see such a strong and beautiful woman being so dependent on male attention and love. She just needs someone to cling on to.

– Before we close out this Recap, let’s give out a couple of episode awards, given out by preference not performance:

Most overrated “Vet”: Joanna. I mean she is useless she just got a pretty big mouth. This week she was quite good but usually she doesn’t do anything. I know this has no place here but just had to state it.

– Smartest duo; Sarah and Jordan.

– Who should never come back: Zach and Adam, couple of good looking Alpha snails.


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