Gotham Review: Dawn Of Justice


If someone would ask me how to describe Gotham, I would say Filler. The show featured so many filler episode that it is really unhealthy for a show. I’m quite surprised the ratings are holding up so good cause half way through “Welcome back, Jim Gordon” I was about to turn off my TV. The episode felt really bad but suddenly some power shift followed and I was on the edge of my seat. .

This week I was looking forward to see how Fish was getting out of her miserable situation. I mean I never get those villains who let their enemies alive, but Falcon made the same mistake and now he has a wild Fish looming around Gotham. Even though Falcon didn’t appear this week he made two big mistakes, let over both Fish and Butch to amateurs. Butch easily escaped his imprisonment and punched Fish’s location out of a couple of guys. He rescued Fish who prior to the rescue mission delivered some awesome scene with her torturer. Fish surviving a beg over her head without major problems was so epic, but I was disappointed how easily she and Butch escaped.

Later Butch wanted for them to escape but before that Fish wanted Oswald’s throat in her hands. So they sought him out in Fish’s bar. Here is where things started to get interesting. Oswald was left without bodyguards and was an easy prey for Fish and Butch before Victor Zsaz appeared with his killer girls. In a violent gun confrontation ended with Fish barely escaping and Butch fighting off Zsaz. Sadly it seems like the last of Butch for this show. In other development Fish’s last scene of the episode included Fish and Bullock, as he saved her from Zsaz people. At the end they shared a gentle kiss on the lips. The most romantic moment of the season so far.

Meanwhile our protagonist was digging himself a grave. After connecting a murder witnessed was killed in the Gotham Police Station, Jim was eager to find the killer but it seemed like he was the only one with that intention. Things quickly lead Jim to Delaware and detective Flass, but no one was having his back even though Jim had some solid evidence. And it was boring to see Sarah and Bullock pushing him away from his path of justice but Jim couldn’t let him go. He asked the man to come to the station and he felt like it was his fault that the man is dead.

So Jim did an ultimate move, he asked Oswald for help. I was so thrown away from this move but surprisingly it worked for the show. Oswald asked his bodyguard Gabe to find some evidence for Jim and it he did an amazing job. He forced a confession out of Delaware and aquired the murder weapon. Against all chances Jim accused Flass in front of the whole Gotham police stuff. After a strong speech Jim got the back up he needed and arrested Flass for the murder.

The evenings game changer happened when Delaware approached Jim and asked him if he would let him and his family live after he set up Flass. Jim and all of us were shocked ending the episode on a surprisingly intense note.

While most of the other regulars were on a break, Edward Enigma got another couple of entertaining scenes. He sent his flame Kristen Kringle a love letter and while Flass and co made fun of him, Kristen got a chance to see the bigger not so odd Edward. Cory Michael Smith does so much with that small amount of text he gets. Hoping he’ll get more space to prove himself as the show progresses.

Bruce and Alfred returned from the Swiss vacation as well. Bruce was worried about Selina and searched whole Gotham for her. He only connected to her after Ivy made the primer contact. Bruce got Selina a gift and his crush on her was so sweet! But I was heartbroken as she lied to him just to push him away. She told him she was lying the whole time just so she would escape the foster care. Selina was afraid, afraid of someone really carrying for her, so she knew the easiest way was hurting Bruce. His little heart broke but thankfully Alfred was there to pick up the pieces. Don’t know where the story goes but I hope Alfred will get more screen time, even after Bruce leaves for Nanda Parbat.

Gotham ended up in my good grace this week and I hope next week continues this trend.


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