Quick Recap: The Challenge Battle of the Exes II 26×03

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– In this weeks episode of  Battle of The Exes II, hard core fans of the show had to say goodbye to one of the toughest Vets ever! We witnessed the final appearance of Diem, as the stomach ick she felt back in episode 2 was much more. The first 10 minutes of the episode were dedicated to her and it was heartbreaking to hear he final voice over while CT was leaving the Challenge house.

– After the heartbreaking goodbye, the episode, titled “LoveSick”, continued its normal flow. We headed right away to the week’s challenge, Off Again, on again. In two couple formations the Exes teams had to spin over an lake and land as further as possible an later swim over a far relation.

– The challenge was fairly entertaining to watch, as some competitors were anything but good swimmers. Front runners in this tragicomedy were Simone and Leroy. It seems just so unlikely that a Alpha male like Leroy can’t swim properly. Also an interesting featured “experienced” Challenger Teresa who screamed her soul out after getting her hand twirled in the ropes.

– The winners of the Challenge were Sarah and Jordan while the worst team were JJ and Simone, sending them direct into the Dome.

– Later we saw Sarah and Jordan play a good game, with securing both Wes and Bananas’s vote. Sarah finally got a teammate that is strong and is there to do whatever it takes to win. I’m worried that Jordan’s spite can endanger Sarah’s campaign for the first place. But the power couple had to made a tough decision and sent in rookies Brittany and Adam into the Dome.

-The Dome game, He said, She said, was hilarious. Teams bet on how much of a specific food item that a player of the opposing team can eat within a three-minute time limit. If a player succeeds, that player earns one point for their team, but if a player fails, the opposing team earns the point.

– After a tight battle JJ failed to prove himself and sent himself and Simone out of the game, as far as the remaining couples know. At a party later Brittany and Adam celebrated their win a bit to much and started making out again.

– During the webepisode Battle of the Exile: JJ and Simone faced Dustin and Jessica in the 2nd Battle of the Exile. In a tough puzzle challenge JJ and Simone succeeded to prevail over Dustin and Jessica. So completely out of the game are Dustin and Jessica, while JJ and Simone inhabit the Ex-ile.

– Before we close out this Recap, let’s give out a couple of episode awards, given out by preference not performance:

Most annoying Challenger: Zach, he keeps hanging out the ass hole and it makes me want him and Joanna leave ASAP.

Smartest Challenger: Sarah, no doubt.

Worst team Chemistry: Jemmy and Knight, the way they treat each other is just making me vomit.


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