The Vampire Diaries Review: I want this to Work


Take out the wips guys cause this was such an emotional episode! “Woke up with a Monster” was a really great episode and kudos to Paul Wesley for doing a great job as a director.  The episode picked up the morning after the mid-season finale and things went crazy right away.

“I want this to work.” and you were not the only one Stefan. Caroline went this week an extra mile in during her search for a cure for Sheriff Forbes cancer.  After bringing Liz back to Mystic Falls, Caroline and Stefan conducted a road trip to Duke. Caroline googled out a  cancer specialist at Duke whom opinion she wanted to consult. At the hospital Caroline compelled the doctor to give her an honest and straight opinion, but Caroline didn’t like what she heard. There is no human known cure that would work on Liz and Caroline was getting desperate.

But when she heard a patient with the same cancer type on the brick of death was staying at the hospital, Caroline had to take her chance. She feed him her blood and compelled him to forget she did it. Moments later she reunited with Stefan, who was on a mission on his own but a bit later on that, and witnessed Colin, the cancer patient, jump out of his bed and be healthy. An extatic Caroline couldn’t wait a moment longer and decided to give her blood to Liz. Stefan tried to talk her down and once more their brilliant chemistry lightened up the screen. After getting back to MF, Caroline told her mother what she did and the way Caroline persuade Liz to take the blood was beautiful.

I want you to live for me, I know it’s selfish but that’s the truth!”

And as Caroline poured a couple of drops in Liz’s tea we see Colin die in the hospital. As assumed vampire blood couldn’t heal the tumor just the other parts of his body feeling sick. When the tumor took over Colin died. My blood froze as I saw Colin cry for help, while Caroline was comforting Liz telling her everything will be fine. ENORMOUS KUDOS to both Candice and Marguerite for their performance last night.

ICMYI The first thing Damon did after Elena bailed on him was visit Liz. A great move by the writers cause the two are great bodies and I love they remembered to appreciate that.

But Caroline wasn’t the only one taking care of family at Duke, Stefan took the opportunity to check on his grand grand niece Sarah Salvatore aka Sarah Nelson. The real Sarah Salvatore, now played by Tristin Mays, was showing of her art as one of the more promising new art students at Duke. You could really see pried in Stefan’s eyes as he watched Sarah illuminated the exhibit. That moment of pride was quickly destroyed by Enzo appearing at the exhibit searching for reasons why Stefan keeps Sarah a secret from Damon.

Stefan finally put Enzo in his place telling him he is in liberty to tell Damon what ever he wants and stop bugging him anymore. Enzo backed off in the moment but later took all of Sarah paintings telling that for revenge you have to be patient and cultivate it, hit when no one is expecting it. Yeah Enzo is getting on my nerves as well but it seems like he’ll introduce Sarah to Matt, who was pending a witchy love interest this season, could Sarah be it?

On the other side of Mystic Falls, Kai was testing the limits of his magic and who would be a better ginny pig than Ms Elena Gilbert. Kai was perfectly devious and the way he played with Elena was brilliant, from scaring her with a hidden dead corp, melting her day light ring or writing K’s on her skin. His line about the Mystic Grill manager was hilarious:

He was all like You can’t get in here were closed and you have an unconscious girl on your shoulder. And I was like don’t judge!”

I mean I afraid that Chris Woods is so brilliant in impersonating crazy dudes. But he found his match in a crazy girl Elena, who lit her hand on fire and used some gas in the chem lab to burn down Kai. This gave her enough time to alert Damon that Kai has trapped her in the high school.

Damon armed with Liv approached the school to cloak themselves into it, but Luke appeared and abducted his sister from Damon’s side. Damon than sought out Jo to help him rescue his girl. Alaric and Jeremy weren’t that much into it but eventually let Jo go with Damon. And things seemed to go by plan till Jo’s spell broke cause of over exhaustion. Thankfully Alaric and Jer appeared and saved the day.

Team Jo decided to tie Kai into Alaric’s apartment and keep him tied down till Jo gets strong enough. We also got a sweet Delena moment after Elena faked a wooden splinter going into her heart. Damon was petrified, scared to death and his face was screaming panic. But seconds later that was all gone when Elena started smiling at his face. Her answer on Alaric’s are you okay was perfectly placed:

I never felt more alive!

I really enjoy when Delena goes slow and isn’t that pushy, cause their spark is undeniable. But another couple went strong this week, Lyler. Yes Liv and Tyler shared a strong scene as well. After Luke “rescued” Liv from Damon, he confronted her about them doing the right thing, do the merge. Liv couldn’t hold it anymore together and confessed she was practicing with Jo cause she knows he is stronger than her and she wants to live.

Luke tried to talk sense into Liv about them being equal but she knew it wasn’t truth but either way decided to go listen to their father and do the merge. This of course brought in major turmoil between Lyler and all of the sudden Tyler was so insightful. After a passionate kiss Luke appeared telling them he backed out of the merger, cause he couldn’t live with the fact that he killed his sister.

I really adore Penelope Mitchell she is so sexy and love the way Liv acts out. I would marry her tomorrow without blinking. I hope she survives this mess/merger and keeps being that sarcastic girl I love.

A great mid-season premier, that left me hanging for more and more. The only negative I can mention is that Bonnie hadn’t appeared, not even for a scene. Next week the merger is bound to happen and the situation around Sheriff Forbes will go sideways.


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