Reign Review: What keeps you going


When a Reign episode starts with Bash and Kenna hitting the sheets, you know stuff will get dirty. “Getaway” was another strong episode featuring some surprising developments. The episode followed 2 different storylines showing how the King and Queen of France were coping with their matrimonial problems.

Starting with Mary who wanted to take some time apart to make the transition between lovebirds to Catherine and Henry be a lot smoother. But her trip to some other palace was interrupted with a Cardinal coming for Conde, as he was revealed to be branded by the Dark Riders. Mary rescued Conde and escaped with him, Greer and Leith to his brothers cottage.

We met Antoine, King of Navarre, in the mid-season finale but this week we saw more of his kinky personality. At a party in Mary’s honors, Antoine played some kinky games with choosing random people to have sex, no matter if they are married or not. But Antoine had his eyes on another price and it was Mary. He wanted Conde to seduce the Queen and gain her as an ally to rule over Franc(e)is. Conde negated he had feelings for Marry, so to prove a point Antoine paired him up with a girl on the party.

Conde agreed to play the game but was reluctant to proceed with the coitus, even though there was a body response to her caress . The extremely hot red-head than blindfolded Conde and made him live out his bottled up passion.

Afterwards Conde sought Mary and they had a big blow out after Conde asked her not to return to the court cause Francis isn’t able to protect her. This was probably my favorite scene of the episode. Mary no matter what stood by her husband and no matter what happened she will be loyal. She put Conde on the spot and clarified nothing will happen between them.

Later the cardinal’s people came to take Conde and Mary had a quick solution for mark of the Dark Riders. They used Conde’s sword and branded him again destroying the mark of the Dark Riders. This gave them enough time to get to the castle where Francis already solved the issue.

The branding was a pretty powerful scene, as to calm Conde’s pain Mary grabbed his hand. This was the first time Marry touched a man since her rape and I liked how it was played. Mary’s need to help her friend was more powerful than the pain her rapist caused. This lead to a beautiful scene between Mary and Greer, where Mary let her shields down and decided to fight for her man and their love.

Back at the castle Francis was determined to create a safe enviroment for Mary to return to. So he and Bash plotted against the Cardinal and it was delicious to watch the brothers play against Rome. If you watched The100 this week, you heard the line that Love is weakness and the Cardinal’s love proved to be his greatest weakness.

His associate was also his lover and love of his life. I mean everybody knows how cruel the Catholic church was during the middle ages and they played cruel political games. The Cardinal being gay and ambitious was a good way to demonstrate the hypocrisy of the Vatican, back in the day.

Bash masked himself as a Dark Rider and branded the associate, letting Francis use him as an emotional leverage over the Cardinal. Eventually the Cardinal cracked under Francis’s pressure and decided to let Conde go.

Elsewhere at the court Catherine still tried to poison Claude, heavily influenced by her dead husband Henry. The banter between Catherine and Henry was just perfect and good entertainment. Eventually Kenna realized that Catherine was slowly poisoning Claude and tried to safe her life. But Claude wasn’t in a mode to make friends and chased Kenna away after she told Kenna told her what Catherine was doing to her. Claude immediately confronted Catherine and all hell broke loose when Catherine told her daughter that she is killing her cause of the twins. A shocked Claude tried to kill herself with her mothers poison, but Catherine couldn’t bear loosing another child and stopped Claude. Mother and daughter reconnected and for the first time I enjoyed Rose Williams as Claude. Megan Follows completely killed it once again.

Kenna and Bash got finally some constructive screen time this week. I’m so glad, their sudden union during the last couple of Season 1 Reign episodes was beautiful and playing on their love is always good. Kenna was frustrated with Bash keeping stuff for her but when she heard he slept with Claude she went mental. During their confrontation everything was forgotten when she saw Bash being hurt during the attack on the Cardinal’s associate. 

Greer besides being Mary’s confident this week, shared some awkward scenes with Leith again. Please kill one of them cause their story is getting obnoxious.

Lola was also in the ep as little Jean Philippe was sick and she couldn’t calm him down. Thankfully the baby felt safe with his dad giving Lola a moment of peace. The episode ended with Lola and Francis (just) sleeping with their son in a bed and Mary walking in on them.


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