Quick Recap: The100 2×09


– Last night The 100 also returned from its winter break and I am so happy about it. The highly underestimated show with another strong outing, titled “Remember Me”.

– Thing picked off right were the mid-season finale ended, with a broken Clarke trying to justify killing Finn. Things got even worse when Lexa said she need to take away Finn’s body. While Kane and Abby protested Clarke just let it go, cause it what needs to be done for their people. But only agreed if they would follow them to the village

– Raven meanwhile wouldn’t leave Finn’s body and joined the crew. Upon reaching the village, someone tried to poison Lexa and all eyes were on Raven. After a lot of turmoil, Clarke realized what really happened and told Lexa that not the drink the cup was poisoned and that the target wasn’t Lexa the target was the alliegiance

– Bellamy than came to the conclusion that Gustos was behind the poison. Gustos wanted to protect Lexa, cause he knew the allegiance would bring death to her. Instead of Lexa’S death it was Gustos whose life was ended last night.

-Abby and Clake got into a big fight, after Abby told she understood her pain as she did the same thing when her father was in jeopardy.

– Throughout the episode Clarke was seeing hallucinations of Finn and they were tearing her apart. She saw him while sleeping, fighting with Raven, eventually she said goodbye to Finn as she realized that love is her biggest weakness. Clarke cut off her emotions and decided to move on as a more cruel version of herself.

– Back at Mount Weather the remaining delinquents were trying to contact the others and broke into a secret storage and were able to upload their radio message. But still their signal was scrambled so Monty made a risky move and broke into the command central and let their message go on air.

– During the closing moments of the episode the Sky People got the message but Monty was captured by the Mountain man and was next in line to be used in the experiments.

– For this episode of The100, I was honored to join TvFanatic’s Round Table. Come by and check out what we were talking about TvFanatic’s The100 2×09 Round Table



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