Pretty Little Liars Review: Secret of a Barrel


“Over a Barrel” picked up right after the events of last weeks episode and tension wasn’t fading from the lives of our pretty liars. I have to say that the episode had some solid dynamics and surprising developments.

Lets start with Spencer, this week her fight with Toby continued, she bonded a bit with her new subtenant Johnny and played detective with Caleb. Spencer and Caleb work great together and I’m more than glad that the writers decided to put these “masterminds” together.

After a suspicous message from Mona was sent to the girls phones Caleb revealed that it is probably a safety message sent from Mona’s laptop when someone tried to access it. This lead Spencer and Caleb to a storage space where the found a bunch of blood smired stuff and a barrel possibly containing Mona.

Later Spencer and Toby tried to keep their issues aside but one message from Caleb brought up a new fight. Afterwards Spencer spent time with Johnny. And he had a lot of questions and was pretty insightful about her life. A bit to insightful.

Aria was still haunted by A cause of the letter she wrote last week. The letter about how her relationship with Ezra destroyed her adollesence. In her search she was trying to find Alison’s accomplice Holbrook. A series of messages lead Aria from one location to another. At the first location she met Jason and shared her suspicions about Alison having an accomplice. Later the messages lead Aria to a flower shop and from there to Hanna’s house to deliver flowers.

When Aria confronted Hanna about, she spilled the beans about visiting Alison in prison. Hanna succeeded in calming Aria down. Don’t like this story for Aria but things are too peaceful in Ezria land and Marlene won’t tolerate that.

Emily was dealing with changes happening in her life. The break up from Paige really hit her hard and Talia’s involvment in the business was bugging her. At the end Talia always founds the right words and makes Emily step away from her broken relationship. Still Talia is sending some mixed signals as she first compliments Emily about her looks and than asks her about Ezra cuteness.

Meanwhile Hanna was dealing with her mom and the men in her life. After Ashley’s hot hook up with Jason, Pastor Ted came back from his trip. Great timing. I totally forgot that Ashley was in a relationship. Things quickly got complicated when Ted decided to ask Hanna if she approves him asking Ashley to marry him. Ashley chocked after Ted asked her to marry her and decided that she had to be honest with him.

Last nights episode ended with a huge shocker as Caleb revealed that the storage unit was on Hanna’s name. This just shifted the game into a new direction and knowing Hanna to be a huge fire cracker she won’t let anyone take her down.


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