Arrow Review: Stages of Grief


Last night Arrow finally came back from its winter hiatus and “Left Behind” was everything I ever wanted it to be. We got funny moments, action sequels, a bad ass Villain and hearts ripped out of bodies.

Its really hard to start with a review for an episode that was so eventful like “Left Behind”. So lets start with Felicity! It was so hurtful to see Felicity blindly believe that Oliver will come back, but the devastation following Malcolm’s reveal that Oliver is dead was plain simple heartbreaking. Felicity didn’t know how to coop with the pain and made decisions on her own. At the end she turned her back on Team Arrow and told Ray she wouldn’t help him become the crime fighter he intended to be.

Do I approve Felicity’s reaction? Let Oliver’s legacy just fade away? Of course not, but you can’t blame her for reacting this way. Her reactions tell me how much faith she has in him and that the words she told him at the end of season 2 were so truthful. Her faith is currently shaken but I know Felicity won’t back away.  Emily Bett Rickards delivered some really good moments. I hope there will be more of that next week.

Even Felicity’s interaction with Ray was on point! Ray asked Felicity to help him finish his suit but after hearing Oliver’s dead Felicity turned on him telling he was going on a suicide mission and that Anna, Ray’s dead fiancée wouldn’t want that. Fel’s words hit Ray hard but he wouldn’t let his eyes slide from his goal. Quite interesting to see where Ray will end up after this.

Meanwhile Diggle and Roy were keeping the city safe in Oliver’s absence. Diggle feeling uncomfortable in Ollie’s suit and missing arrow shots was hilarious. Really enjoyed the chemistry between Diggle and Roy. Their realization that Brick was going after evidence material to free some thugs and build an army for him. The fight for the evidence at the storage house was just pure action. Diggle vs Brick was powerful, entertaining and established Brick as a Villain to fear.

Danny Brickwell aka Brick, played by Vinnie Jones, is a great Villain. He had no mercy was focused  on his goal and choose the right moment to attack. Can’t wait to see what he will do next.

Diggle eventually shared a heartbreaking scene with Laurel. It was so emotional and major kudos to David Ramsey, this is his time to shine

I don’t know. For the first time since I met Oliver Queen I don’t know what happens next. I know it’s silly, but I still like to think of myself as Oliver’s bodyguard. I just couldn’t protect him. It’s funny. He was worried something would happen to me

And so Diggle inspired Laurel to suit up and started cherishing her sister and Oliver’s legacy. It was a nice move that Laure used Sara’s canary cry device to help he confront a thug who got away cause of Brick.

Roy didn’t handle Oliver’s death well but it was understandable. He started to work with Team Arrow to find purpose but instead he found Family. I have to say that is so funny that Thea knew Roy was the Arrow’s little helper but had no clue Ollie was Arrow.

Speaking of Thea she was quite worried Oliver didn’t call her in the last couple of days. She was even so desperate that she asked Malcolm and Roy for help. At the end a terrified Malcolm came to Thea and asked her to leave town with him as the League will go after them.

I’m so glad Malcolm will get more screen time in the 2nd half of the season, he gets even a flashback episode in 2 weeks. It was really painful to see him tell Team Arrow Oliver was dead. Malcolm was sorry and not only cause again he was on top of the LoA most wanted list but also cause he lost his Oliver.

Meanwhile it was revealed that Maseo was the one to safe Oliver and brought him to Tatsu, who brought Oliver back to life. I’m really interested to see how the writers explain this. Also we got some Hong Kong flashbacks. Oliver and Maseo were once again doing the dirty work for Amanda Waller. They stole an Alpha device that China White needed to complete her plan. As Amanda wasn’t fond to find Tatsu, Oliver put a tracker on one of China White’s people so he would lead them to Tatsu. I’m not really a fan of the Hong Kong flashbacks, I need them to be more about Oliver’s training and development. But with Tatsu surviving she certainly could teach Oliver a thing or two.

Arrow delivered one of their best episodes of the season so far, and next weeks promo indicates that things are just starting to get great. How will coming back from dead change Oliver? Will Laurel find out Thea and Malcolm killed Sara and how will she react? How did Tatsu survived? So many big questions and I know the writers will find just the right ways to give us appropriate big answers.


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