AHS Freak Show Review: Swan Song


Now when I flash back to October 8th and Freak Show’s premier I can’t believe we ended up here. AHS Freak show ended last night with a rather disappointing finale. In “Curtain Call” the writers once again took the easy way and instead of proper character development we got a bloody masacare.

Just to make it clear I like a masacare like any other horror fan, but this one felt just like the writers had no other idea and so they let Dandy loose on the Freak show inhabitants. Starting this season Dandy was the most intriguing part of the season and his interaction with the wicked clown Twisty were one of the more memorable moments of the season. After Dandy was bullied by Eve, Paul, Suzi, he faced a nervous breakdown and couldn’t take it. So he went completely gaga and killed one by one.

After his rampage only 4 freaks survived. Desiree and Jimmy by luck and Bette and Dot cause of Dandy’s love for Bette. Dandy decided to marry Bette but the girls arranged Desiree and Jimmy to help take Dandy down. The poisoned his food and put him into a glass cage.

Dandy’s death came in great style. He begged the twins to let go and a really emotional scene happened between Dandy and the 4 remaining freaks, the dialouge was strong and I fairly enjoyed it, especially Desiree’s line:

You may look like a motion picture dreamboat, but you are the biggest freak of them all.

Afterwards Jimmy let water into the cage and the four of them witnessed Dandy’s last performance. I certainly hope Finn Wittrock will be back next season but with a much stronger ending to his story.

Elsa was meanwhile trying to become a star on his own. After a break down at a production firm she meat no other than Michael Beck, played by Neil Patrick Harris husband David Burtka.

We flash to 1960 and see that Michael brought fame to Elsa and they’ve got married, showing us even that Michael is a SM follower. Elsa even got a star on the walk of fame. After she fought with Michale about performing on Halloween, Elsa felt alone and sad, so she sought out Massimo. They decided to runaway together but their happiness was broken when the tape of how Elsa “really” lost her legs came to the media.

And just in the moment Elsa was left with nothing, cause of a moral clause in her contract. But Elsa wanted to go out with a blast and agreed to perform on Halloween, before the article would be released. During the performance we saw that Desiree found love with Angus and that Jimmy and the twins are expecting a child.

In the middle of the performance Elsa stops singing as she was visited by Edward Mordrake who took her life. But she wasn’t destined to follow him, she was sent to a parallel world to spent all eternity with her freaks.  Jessica Lange once more delivered a more than brilliant performance as she reunited with her girl Ethel.

As the closing moments approched my heart started to beat faster realizing we most likely have to say goodbye to Jessica Lange. American Horror Story won’t certainly be the same without her. She gave so much to the show and she will be missed.

And so the final curtain fall on American Horror Story’s 4th season, as much flows Freak Show had, so much soul it was carrying with. And even though I’m highly disappointed by the second half of the season I look forward for the show returning in October 2015.


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