The Flash Review: Dance of Fire and Ice


The Flash finally returned from its winter break and “Revenge of the Rouges” was filled with interesting moments as opposites were clashing all over the place. I expected  a different approach for this episode, with a bit more insight on the Reverse Flash and Well’s overall intentions.

But truth to be told some small tidbits delivered in this episode completed and overall idea that Wells needs Barry! While training to get stronger Barry put himself in a dangerous situation that almost lead Wells to step up reveal himself infront of the group. Later Wells insisted that Barry kept on training instead of fighting Cold and Heat wave. But for what Wells needs Barry is the real mystery! I can’t wait for this to unfold.

This week we find Barry in a dark place! The blow out with Iris and the fact that he can’t defeat his mothers killer took a major hit on him. The awkward scenes between him and Iris were really well executed. Their dynamic was completely off, it was like they changed roles. Iris the open one with fire in her but this week was cold and felt uncomfortable in her interactions with Barry. While Barry was trying to bring the fire back into their relationship. Eventually as Iris was about to leave her family home, Barry broke all the awkwardness and told Iris he could see the future and saw the 2 of them being besties again.

The other girl on the show got also some focus this week. Yep Caitlin continued her search for her ex-fiancee Ronnie. After talking to Barry, Caitlin finally made the connection to Firestorm. It was a science project connected to Martin Stein about transmutation. This lead her to Jason Rusch, an associate of Martin Stein who told her that Martin disappeared after seeking out help from a friend. I bet my headphones the friend is none other than dr Harrison Wells. Besides that Caitlin got her first Damsel in distress moment as she was targeted by Captain Cold and his new partner in crime Heat wave.

This weeks villains were quite fun and interesting! First the fact that the Prison break brothers Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell were together on the screen again was heartwarming, second they were kick ass villains, at least Cold was. I fairly enjoyed the two searching for a way to lure out the Flash and fail miserably in the process. Eventually they decided to abduct Caitlin and force The Flash to face them. The fight between Barry and the Rouges was quite intense and for a second or two I was even worried about Barry’s future but he succeeded in tricking them and make them cancel out their weapons.

At the end, while being transported to Iron Heights, Cold revealed that this was all part of the plan to lure out The Flash and let people know he is real. Moments after that their van was stopped and they were rescued by Cold’s sister, to be played by Peyton List in a couple of weeks.

ICYMI Cisco was getting some spotlight as well! Wells put him in charge to help the police defeat Cold. Cisco invented a protective shield and showed the policeman how it worked. Earning a well done from than at the end. Also he rescued Caitlin from the storage house, of course Joe helped as well.

ICYMI 2 Eddie was in the episode as well. He shared some sweet scenes with Iris and embarrassed himself in front of Joe while telling him he could stop by every time he wanted. Also Eddie was surprised that Caitlin was kidnapped by Cold, possibly raising suspsicion in his head.

At the end Joe asked Barry to move in with him, and I think that is a brilliant move! Joe keeps Barry grounded and that is what he really needs. Next week we’ll meet another Rouge, Pied Piper who in this version will be also a former associate of Wells and frenemy of Cisco.


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