Gotham Review: Free


I had great expectations for “What the little bird told Him”, not cause Jack Gruber was letting loose on Gotham but because a big move from Fish move was announced but that was a major letdown.

Yeah Fish’s big move was quite underwhelming and not cause it didn’t succeed but because she didn’t have a back up plan. I expected more from Fish.  Everything started with Fish kidnapping Liza and trying to blackmail Falcon but that wouldn’t be that easy. Falcon was to smart for that and knew right away that Fish was playing him.

Fish’s only wish Falcon to leave Gotham and he could have his precious Liza. Falcon was almost there and would leave Gotham for Liza if there wasn’t our favorite little Penguin. Oswald told Falcon the truth about Liza and sparked up the fire in our favorite crime boss.

Falcon killed all of Fish’s people, took her and Butch into custody and strangled Liza to death. But the final blow towards Fish was the reveal that Oswald is still working with Falcon against her.

Speaking of Oswald he is in pretty big trouble! After getting electrocuted by Gruber he woke up out of slumber mentioning he needs to do special work for Falcon. Later Oswald convinced Maroni he is innocent but you can’t defeat the seed of doubt.

While things escalated in Mafia hell, Jim was fighting to get his job back. After facing Commissioner Loeb (played by Peter Scolari) Jim and Harvey started their search for Jack and things didn’t look good for them. But after investigating a dead case, Jim and Harvey got a step closer to catching the bad guy with the power cable.

Things quickly escalated as Gruber made his first move, and the target was no other than Sal Maroni. Gruber’s was pissed at Maroni cause he let him serve sentence after their bank robbing scheme. Jim used his pretty pretty eyes and persude Maroni to go to the station with him as in protective custody. But that just suited Gruber’s game who electrocuted the whole station.

A fight between Aaron, Gruber’s brainwashed puppy and Jim erupted and Jim won. But the way he defeated Gruber was just anticlimactic! He poured some water over his machine and took Gruber out-of-order. Jim was reinstated and was leaving Arkham before really entering it.

The only perk of Arkham is getting the lovely (read extremely hot) Morena Baccarani to play dr Lee Thompkins. Mrs Lee obviously has a huge crush on Jim and after a small push and go Jim dived into it. The passionate kiss was interrupted by the information that a shot down happened at Fish’s place.

Also very interesting was Enigma and his ways of showing affection towards Kristen Kringle. I hope Enigma will be used more and more cause he is both funny and intriguing.

Another interesting development of last nights episode was Barbara returning to her parents. The majorly stuck up Mr and Mrs Kean, played by Richard Poe and Caroline Lagerfelt. The sterile enviroment was filled with tension, no wonder Barbara gave into drugs and stuff.

Next week should be interesting as Fish will be under Falcon’s tortures angry hands but what will this bring to the overall story? After 2 big filler episodes I hope Gotham gets back on track.




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