The Originals Review: World War III


There aren’t enough words to describe how happy I am about The Originals returning last night! “Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire” was the perfect follow up to what was an eventful first half and set the stage for even bigger stories to come. Let’s break the story apart Original by Original.

Let’s start with the most miserable Original at the moment, Rebekah. As you recall Rebekah was moved into a new body, but the body persay wasn’t the issue it was her location. Trapped in an Asylum with other tormented witches who were over come by their magic including Harvest girl and former Esther body, Cassie (played by the wonderful Natalie Dreyfuss). Cassie informed Bekah and us that the Asylum is run by the Kindred, witches who were into Necromancy and Immortality spells. The Kindred used magic herbs and pills to contain the magic of the other witches and be in control.

Rebekah, now played by Maisie Richardson-Sellers, was a fighter an wasn’t backing down to anyone. She tried to send a message to her brother with Cassie’s help and she got an answer by a haunted spirit. Their session was interrupted by The Kindred and the the haunted girl. It was revealed that Bekah wasn’t taking the meds and the Kindred attacked her. It was funny to see Bekah trying to bite into one witches neck, but wasn’t successful. At the end the spirit lead Bekah to a room upstairs where where her body was laying in a coffin. Bekah eventually gave in to the Kindred and took the meds and at the end it was revealed that the spirit was none other than Freya Mikaelson. Mikaelsons and coffins a really strange connection.

The next Mikaelson in a bad place was Kol, well deserved if I may say. After Finn cast a spell to contain all supernatural beings at the Mikaelson mansion, it was up to Kol and Davina to safe the day. After one failed spell, he and Davina realized they could only to break all magic at the mansion for 60 seconds and let the Wolves go before a war starts between them and Marcel’s Vamps. The spell worked and the wolves escaped, with Klaus only forcing Kol to stay at the mansion with the hungry Vamp. Why? As a punishment for doing harm to Rebekah. Kol was furious and had all right to be! He just did what any of them would do to him. I’m just curious if Kol knew about Freya’s body in the asylum and what his endgame is?

Yeah Klaus found out that Bekah didn’t travel into the supposed body, thanks to Elijah of course. After spending the night with Hayley, the two love birds were are googly eyes but had to part ways just to so Hayley could move on with her wedding with Jackson. Elijah meanwhile spent time with Cami, who finally found out that Hope was alive. Klaus let her in on the secret cause she was now in danger from Finn and needed to hide her. The scenes between Elijah and Cami were fresh and I enjoyed him cherishing her humanity.

Last but not least there was Finn. He went a bit mental this week as his war against the Supernatural creatures was growing stronger. Finn used Mikael’s supernatural status and power cast a spell contain on the Mikaelson mansion not letting the wolves and Vamps, out of there. Finn wanted to know where Esther was and to force Klaus to give up her location he cast a spell on the Vamps making the hunger for blood bigger than ever. This lead Klaus to give up the location of in transition Esther. Finn was deeply disappointed with Esther who feed and turned into a Vampire. As he couldn’t kill her, Finn decided to use Esther just as Mikael and power up the containing spell.

Speaking of the wolves and vamps, our favorite hybrid couple Josh and Aiden spent some naughty make outs during their captivation. But suddenly their relationship turned into a Romeo and Julia alike drama, as Aiden was all into hiding their relationship cause his wolves wouldn’t approve him being a fang banger.

The Mikaelson in law, Hayley was in a huge struggle! She didn’t know how to handle the Jackson situation after the Elijah hook up. Eventually she confessed her sins to Jackson and for it to be more hurtful she confessed her love for Elijah as well. Jackson really is a great man. He stepped above all of this, and once more proposed to Hayley. He promised to love and cherish her and be the best husband possibly. Jackson is driven by his love and devotion towards his pack and Hayley and the good guy was given a chance by Hayley. Let’s see if he will survive it!

That’s the wrap! Episode 10 of Season 2 was a major episode and The Originals’s delivered a captivating story. Next week can’t come soon enough.


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