Scorpion Review: I care about him and you


Testosterone levels on last nights episode of Scorpion were over the roof. “Forgot me Nots” was an intense episode and I completely enjoyed it. First let break down the episode “case of the week” and than we’ll talk a bit about the emotional connections established during this marvelous hour of television.

First to clarify one thing, Milosevic hadn’t his sight on Kosovo, cause it already was integral part of Yugoslavia. The only issue was that there were more and more Albanian people living in Kosovo so it eventually escalated with a war in 1999.


Back to the case. Apparently Clinton was meeting with the Kosovo president( once more a disinformation, Kosovo didn’t have a president at that moment just a prime minister) how they would go against President Milosevic. Also Milosevic tried to assassin both Presidents and obviously was unsuccessful. During the assassination a brief case with confidential information was lost. The brief case had codes and locations about nuclear weapon. Team Scorpion was asked to retrieve the brief case and stop the terrorists.


First step, find the man who was shot during the assassination attempt and who lost the brief case, Agent Bruce (played by J.A.G.’s David James Elliott). Bruce mind was damaged after the accident and wasn’t really good for anything

Toby tried to jag his memories but wasn’t successful, so Walter proposed electrical stimulation to enhance the missing memories. Walter did some research for Megan’s MS treatment and read about electrical shock therapy could enhance lost memories or abilities.

The use of David Elliott’s Agent Bruce was perfectly exploited! His lines were snarky, funny and really enjoyable. After the therapy he remembered a blue handed thief which sent the males on a search, while Bruce used a moment of negligence to escape the layer. He was searching for a girl he loved back in the day when his mind was still stable. Happy and Paige quickly found Bruce and brought him back to Walter and co to share their realizations.

Meanwhile Toby realized that it wasn’t a patient who stole the brief case it was the doctor handling Bruce. Later they used the doctor to confront Bruce and jag more memories. In a couple of steps this lead our guys with the brief case. Conveniently the guy launched a missle at Russia and team Scorpion had about half an hour to stop him.  A wild chase started and thanks to Happy’s quick thinking the day and world peace were saved. The episode concluded with Team Scorpion reuniting Bruce and his former flame giving him hope he could get better at one point.

Meanwhile throughout the episode there was lingering tension uprising. As Drew was more and more serious about moving Paige and Ralph away with him. But Paige wasn’t on the same page yet. After asking Walter for his opinion, she got a bunch of facts and a surprisingly emotional response from him. After discussing the topic with Happy, Paige showed she is more insightful than any of us would think. At the end Walter showed a lot of heart as he approached Paige and shared that his life wouldn’t be the same without her and Ralph in his life.

An entertaining episode ended with Ralph bringing home the 1st place price from a science fair and a bday invitation along. Assuring Paige that the contact between Team Scorpion and Ralph is benefiting her son. Scorpion goes on hiatus for 2 weeks and a Valentines ep that should completely charm us.



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