Scorpion Review: Most Precious Thing


Scorpion in its newest special post football outing delivered one of its best episodes to date. “Charade” was filled with a hilarious story and lingering emotions charging a bunch of shipper hearts.

I have to say Elyes Gabel is a gifted gifted actor. Even though I trashed him back in “Dominoes” for not being able to convince me in his desperate state of mind, in last nights outing he blew my mind with his hilarious performance. But truth to be told the whole cast upped their game and delivered one of the Top3 Scorpion episodes.

Everything starts with Paige having a sex dream about Walter and suddenly all those googly eye moments, little smiles, profound looks made much more sense. Paige internal struggle was handled very well, she being torn between her feelings and the possibility to destroy her sons world. The dream really shake Paige up and she started seeing Walter in a new light. The new case lead Paige and Walter to work closer together than ever.

Paige turned up her sensual side and the phone call between her and the Fatima, the criminal of the week, was so sexy. The voice of the girls were overlapping and they turned up the heat for sure.

*BTW Fatima was a terrorist in search for some chemical explosive. Team Scorpion captured her lover/accomplice and tricked her via stealing his voice (the phone call I mentioned earlier). During the phone call Paige tricked Fatima into going on a date with Walter so they could acquire the remaining explosive.

The date between Malcolm aka Walter and Fatima was hilarious and sexy. As said earlier Walter gave so much into the character and had some great momentum as the date moved along. Eventually things went a dark path when Paige overstepped her Siriano role and Fatima kidnapped Walter. In an explosive encounter Walter succeeded in taking down Fatima.

The episode concluded with Toby giving Paige some insight in her arousing feeling comparing her situation to Fatima’s. Fatima was about to sacrifice her whole plan for her lover, cause he was the most precious thing she had. Not even her terrorist love towards her country could make her forget him. So Toby asked Paige what her most precious thing is? Paige of course answered Ralph. In a bit of a heartbreak Toby suggested Paige she should do whatever it takes to protect him and most likely put her feelings aside.

Speaking of Toby he had some great lines as always. But I like Toby the most when he is adoring Happy and of course we got one of those scenes. After Happy did an impossible jump from Toby just admired her saying she was: Happy Freaking Quinn! Also I quite enjoyed the inventions the team gut to use this week. The Gekko gloves were perfect and Happy was the right girl to use them.

Sylvester had also some sweet neurotic moments! I just need more of him and I really hope I get it tonight! Yes Scorpion returns tonight with an all new episode and I can’t wait for it.


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