Quick Recap: The Challenge Battle of the Exes II 26×02

– Battle of the Exes II 2nd episode, titled “I will always Hate you”, was even better than last weeks premier. The show featured drama, fake emotions and disgusting challenges, all a great The Challenge episode needs.


– The episode continued were last week ended at the crew celebrating the end of the first Dome. Things started to boil up as Jenna and Zach were getting closer and Jay and Joanna more bitchy about it.

– Next days challenge was more than icky, Rounding the bases. Held through 4 rounds, the worst couple of round 1 would be sent directly into the Dome while the best couple in the 4th round would be this weeks Power Couple.

– Round 1: The teams had to lip lock an envelope over a long streak. Of course this is something you don’t want to do with your Ex. The worst team of this challenge Johnny and Avery. Quite disappointed by the way Johnny is handling this, thought he was smarter than this.

– Round 2: Force the remaining couples to some dirty handwork. While the boys had to unscrew 2 boobs, the girls worked hard on unscrewing a wooden penis.

– Round 3: The last 6 couples had to lick of peanut butter from a wall and find a code on that wall to proceed into the next rond.

– Round 4 at the end there were 3 Vet couples standing: Bananas and Nanny, Wes and Theresa and Diem and CT. The final challenge let the remaining couples pluck in some bowels. Surprisingly Banannas was the one to pluck in the bowel the fastest.

– Later while deliberating who should go into the Dome a major fight erupted. Nanny heard Teresa talking shit about her and Nanny wanted her out. Don’t know at which point Teresa become such an irritating bitch! She become really obnoxious and paired up with Wes, they are multiplying their awfulness. At the end Nanny and Bananas made the only right choice and sent in the Rookies Thomas and Hailey.

– The Dome was extremely intense as “Banded together” forced both girls and boys to push as strong as they could. Really impressed by the way Avery pulled through. Who thought the cheating bitch is kickass.

– Thomas and Hailey were sent to Exile, and in a web episode were put against Dustin and Jessica in a sweating challenge. They had 60 minutes to sweat as much as possible. Dustin and Jessica prevailed keeping them in exile and still having a chance to be in final.

– Also this week we saw Diem getting worse and I don’t know how I’ll get through her departure. RIP DIEM.

– Before we close out this Recap, let’s give out a couple of episode awards, given out by preference not performance:

Cutest Team: Diem and CT.

Best lines: Jemmye, I assume she was really drunk while shooting this.

Worst Team: Jay and Jenna, they really don’t work well together.

Most Obnoxious competitor: Teresa, no doubt .



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