AHS Freak Show Review: Counting Bodies


With only 2 episodes left before this season closes, AHS Freak Show started wrapping up their stories aka increasing the body count. “Show Stopper” was yet another interesting episode, that featured brilliant moments cause of Neal Patrick Harris performance as Chester.

The episode opened with Stanley’s demise. The freaks prepared a far awell party for Elsa and had also a special gift for her manager Stanley. The head of Lillian Hemmings head in a jar. Stanley knew what was coming towards him and tried to escape, but there was no solution for this. His head needed to roll. Stanley’s character was well executed and the way he ended was even more deserved. As a crippled freak disguised as a chicken. Sadly we didn’t saw what kind of freaky penis he had, but still he left with a bang! Before the freaks executed him, he told them that Elsa killed Ethel. But later more on that.

But Stanley wasn’t the only body found last night, Maggie faced the harsh death as well. After she confessed her love to Jimmy she wanted to stay and be part of the family so she joined Chester performance. But an extremely hurt and delusional Chester, saw right through her body and killed her in the process. Goodbye to Emma Roberts as she will star an other Ryan Murphy project now titled Scream Queens.

Chester’s emotional breakdown wouldn’t stop here, he smashed his doll Marjorie into pieces and turned himself over to the police. I can’t praise NHP performance enough, Emmy worthy for sure.

Elsa eventually sold the freak show to Dandy and I have no clue how her story will go from here. Before running away she called in a favor for Jimmy. She called in Massimo Dolcefino, played by Danny Huston, to make Jimmy wooden hands. It was a beautiful move and I cherish Elsa so much more for this. Later the twins told Elsa the freaks are coming after her for killing Ethel so she decided to run! But run where? The promo for next week didn’t give any insight either.

The episode ended with Jimmy getting his wooden hands but not ordinary wooden hands, he asked Massimo for wooden lobster hands. Great move! I’m preparing myself for a huge and emotional season final and I hope AHS won’t let me down.


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