Pretty Little Liars Review: Moving On


In PLL’s latest outing, titled “Fresh Meat”, our favorite liars tried to move on as their lives are finally Alison and “A” free. But the most interesting development last night wasn’t even about our girls. A crazy hook up happened between Ashley Marin and Allison’s brother, Jason, played by stunning Drew Van Acker. The two suddenly shared a bunch of scenes where she helped him deal with his mothers estate. One thing lead to a cozy dinner and the following hook up. Of course in the closing moments Hanna saw that her Mom had company and was shocked to see Jason walking out of her house. Even more interesting the smooth smile on his lips while leaving the Marin house, like he planned it all along. But can anyone really take the smile against him, Ashley is a really hot MILF.

Hanna before being crushed by her mother, tried the perfect college for her new life. But her cool search for college was interrupted when Caleb informed her that Toby found a planted knife in Mona’s backyard. The knife a possible set up by Alison, throw Hanna right out of balance. Hanna wanted than looked for possible Alison accomplice Holbrook but just found a terrible plush bunny filled with intestines. That forced a new Hanna vs Alison encounter. Hanna pledged Alison to let it go to juts give up. Alison tried to convince Hanna that she was set up by “A”. I think Alison’s plea moved Hanna a bit and maybe Alison’s fate isn’t doomed yet.

Meanwhile Spencer was torn between doing the right thing for her and her friends and doing the right thing for her boyfriend. After Toby told her and Caleb about finding his family the knife in Mona’s yard, she didn’t know what to do. Caleb confessed to Spencer that he had done some criminal hacking in the past and that he can’t risk being involved in this. This lead Spencer to join Caleb they agreed to destroy the knife. Of course “A” played a game with them and put Caleb’s life in danger. Eventually tension blew up between Toby and Spencer as both of them realized that they broke each others trust. Remember the times when we thought Toby being a cop will be helpful. Things ended on shaky terms.

Emily was meanwhile pining over Paige. She was so frustrated with Paige not answering her calls that she wanted to visit her ASAP. This time “A” wasn’t a problem, money was. As she was short on cash she asked Ezra to cook for his big opening. Of course she couldn’t handle Paige’s rejection and the cooking so Ezra hired Talia to cook as well for his big night. Surprisingly Talia was quite friendly towards a Emily especially after Em’s suffered an emotional meltdown and the two of them bonded.

Last but not by any means last was Aria. She was still struggling with the college rejections and tried to get back into good grace with at least one college, the one that wait listed her Talmadge. Later she found out Ezra’s ex Jackie was working at Talmadge, making Aria’s chances even smaller. Out of rage and desperation Aria wrote a letter about wasting her high school on a relationship with an elder man. After Emily told her that the letter really wasn’t cool and that Jackie could mess up her relationship with Ezra, she visited Talmadge and talked to Jackie. Jackie made it clear that she won’t speak to Ezra about it but that doesn’t mean “A” won’t.

Yeah Team “A” was still doing some dirty work but really slowed down after killing Mona. She was still spying on the girls and sent Alison a message that she will quickly reunite with her friends.

Quite the filler episode on our hands. The most interesting development? The unexpected hook up of course! Everything else stays more or less the same, at least for the next 8 week and around that time the writers will pick up pace as we are heading towards the big season 5 finale..


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