Marvel’s Agent Carter: Fighting Treason


After last weeks strong start Agent Carter returned with another great episode. The car bumper that was found at the end of last weeks 2 hour event lead the SSR agents towards Jarvis and made Peggy make a surprising step back in her career to protect herself and Jarvis.

The way the writers introduce the story and their characters is quite interesting and makes you invest into what happens to those people along the way. Early in the episode Agent Sousa connected the car plate to Howard Stark and Thompson got the opportunity to grill Jarvis apart And how hot was that grilling! Chad Michael Murray really got deep into his role and started bullying poor Edwin and it wasn’t pretty. Thompson mentioned how Jarvis was a traitor and his words were breaking Edwin bit by bit. Just moments before they Thompson and Dooley would’ve broke Edwin, Peggy interfered and made her boss quite mad at her.

With a broken back Peggy continued her mission and started to look after the clue she was given by Leet last week and with Edwin’s help found Stark’s lost items. But before they could move on, Peggy needed to clarify the treason charges against Edwin. After pushing him, Edwin finally fessed up that his wife Anna is Jewish, To rescue her during the war he had to falsificate a signature and was accused for treason. Thankfully Stark was there and saved Edwin and his wife, winning their eternal gratitude.

Eventually Peggy and Edwin found Stark’s inventions and called in an annonymous tip. Of course things weren’t that easy and Peggy had to fight a pretty big dude to get out of this mess. She barely defeated him and only cause she used on of Stark’s inventions. Sousa and Krzeminski got to the crime scene and found the inventions and the big dude. As Krzeminski took the big guy to the precinct was stopped by a hit man who killed both of them.

The whole SSR was mourning and Sousa bad mode was breaking my heart. I have to say I’m quite intrigued by the 2 man currently in Peggy’s life. I hope both of them will open up more in this mini series and make the move for our pretty girl.

Also during last night Peggy and Angie’s relation was deepened a bit. After Peggy practically chased Angie out of her room, to go chasing the inventions with Edwin, Angie was pretty pissed. Peggy at the end made a move towards reconciliation and talked it out with Angie. These girls really share some nice moments together! I hope they will grow closer as the story progresses.

Agent Carter really hit me good and I’m hooked on the show like with no other. Suddenly Tuesday’s become my busiest night of the week and I couldn’t be more happy with Carter, PLL, The Challenge and The Flash all airing Tuesdays.


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