Quick Recap: The Challenge Battle of the Exes II 26×01


– This Tuesday The Challenge entered its 26th season, Battle of The Exes II. 26 competitors entered the race for 250000$ for the winning couple. The last season involving the Exes format was highly entertaining and looking at this episode this won’t be behind quality wise.

– This season was dedicated to the late Diem Brown and Ryan Knight, who participated in this season, but died after the season was shoot.

– As said 26 competitors entered the competition but for the first time we have competitors out of the Real World Ex-Plosion series and first season of Are You The One. For more information on all the team go to the Wiki page.

– Now to what happened, the first challenge “I got you babe” was quite fitting as it involved trust and heights and all our exes have trust issues. As the female competitor was forced to balance over a thin thread and push their male partner over as well. Quite complicated so only 4 couples succeeded in pushing themselves over.

– The winners were Wes and Teresa, while Adam and Brittany from Are You The One were the ones with the poorest result of all 9 DQ teams. In a game changing move Wes formed a sort of alliance with all the Rookies and set semi Vets Dustin and Jessica into the Dome.

– Before the Dome Jessica and Dustin bonded as he open up about his Gay porn industry career. The following Dome, Pole Position, was quite intense and Dustin and Jessica lost, after a fall even though they were in a leading position.

– The game changer introduced at the end of the episode was just brilliant! Dustin and Jessica aren’t eliminated yet! They were sent into Ex-ile and can return to the competition if the succeed in every Ex-ile Dome Battle till the end of the season.

– Before we close out this Recap, let’s give out a couple of episode awards, given out by preference not performance:

Cutest Team: JJ and Simone, Runner Up: CT and Diem.


Best Character: Sarah

Worst Team: Wes and Teresa, a couple made in Hell.

Most obnoxious competitor: Zach.

– That’s the wrap guys, can’t wait for the 2nd episode to air. Be free to share your opinions with me.



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