Pretty Little Liars Review: A way to say Goodbye


Season 5B finally started last night and I’m hoping that we’ll finally get some real answers. But as it seems this won’t be the case. The major focus of this upcoming arc will revolve around Bethany Young and Mona’s killer, is it the same person? No clue! But writers please let give us some clues. After this little plea let’s get back to “Through a glass, darkly” and what happened to our favorite liars.

This week I start with Emily! Why? Cause a Paily scene informed us that 3 months have passed since the winter special. Also the Paily moments were so adorable and emotional this week. The scene in Em’s bad was so sweet, while their goodbye scene at the airport was perfectly executed. Paige couldn’t stay in Rosewood anymore, she hated what her life has become and she had to do the best possible thing for her. I really hope this will close their chapter and Lindsey will get a pilot this season.

Aria on the other hand suffered some rejection as well. But this time from a College, Oberlin rejected her application and who other than Ally to witness that moment. Aria reacted quite drastic and used a whistle to scare of Ally. Besides that it was quite convenient for A to attack Aria and steal Mona’s laptop from her.

Meanwhile the males in Aria’s life, spent some moments together. Ezra was working on his own coffee shop and asked Mike for help. Ezra as a good boyfriend that he is, was worried for the “little” heartbroken Montgomery. I never was that much into Mike’s character but he is getting some dimension with Mona’s death. Aria finally stepped up and talked to her brother about Mona and Mike nailed it. His words were so packed with pain and resentment, but the tears after Aria left the room were simply heartbreaking.

Hanna wanted to give Mona’s Mom some closure and find Mona’s body. But she didn’t have a starting point for this so she asked the supernatural Mrs Grunwald for help. Her creepy appearance was giving a huge mystic vibe to the episode and some sort of emotional closure.

Spencer was in some major trouble as Bethany’s parents tried to revoke her bale and she was getting quite desperate. As her attempt to switch Jason to her side failed, she and Emily made a desperate move and tried to frame Ally’s hair in Mona’s house. Instead of planting fake evidence they found hidden cameras and alerted Mona’s Mother about them. On the cameras there was footage including Mona’s fight against her killer.

The detectives confronted Jason with the footage and he broke telling detective Tarner Alison wasn’t with him the day Mona was attacked. Its always a joy to see Drew Van Acker appear and I hope we’ll get to see more of him as the story is coming to an end.

This lead towards Alison getting arrested for Mona’s death. This whole set up is getting a bit ridiculous but Alison is like a phoenix, lets see how she’ll raise from this grave.

The firework at the end revealed the Liars that “A” is still out there and that they probably made a mistake by putting Alison into prison. As much as I’m irritated that we still don’t get real answers by this show, I look forward to see what they can pull out of their hat while not revealing anything REAL.



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