Marvel’s Agent Carter Review: A women to Die for


Right of I have to say, I’m not a SHIELD fan (don’t watch the show, neither I intend to) and my interested for this show is based on Hayley Atwell’s performance in Captain America: The First Avenger and the cast added to this great lead. I’m a huge fan of Chad Michael Murray and Lyndsy Fonseca and as soon as they were cast this show was added to my to watch list.

Using Dominic Stark as target of the SSR was such a smart move but using the already exciting bond between Stark and Peggy to give Peggy a goal and determination just serves the character and story in a perfect manner.

Stark was accused as a traitor for selling his inventions to who offers most. So he asked Peggy to clear his name while he hides from the SSR. So Peggy become a spy in her own agency. Peggy’s move was quite understandable as she was undermined in her every move by her colleagues. Her main rival Agent Jack Thompson, played by Chad Michael Murray, is a typical chauvinist and does see Peggy’s ultimate potential.  On the other side Agent Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) sees Peggy for whom she really is and supports her.

Before Stark left her he introduced Peggy to Edwin Jarvis, his butler and ally. Stark left certain instructions to Edwin so Peggy could deal with the inventions that were stolen from him. This lead us right away to the case of this weeks first hour.  After Peggy snooped a bit around Jack’s newest mission she infiltrated a party held by Spider Raymond. She knocked Raymond out, stole back Stark’s device and escaped to her apartment. She diffused the device, but didn’t realized someone followed her. The assassin killed Peggy’s roommate and a part of her along the way. Great performance by Mrs Atwell.

But the first hour didn’t finish here, as Peggy had to destroy the engine activating Stark’s inventions. She and Jarvis busted Leed Brannis (James Frain) at a refinery but failed to stop him from leaving with a bunch of activated devices. It was a nice touch to see the destructive power of the device, after Leed activated one to escape and the refinery turned into dust.

The first episode concluded with Peggy taking on a chauvinist to protect her friend Angie, the waitress (played by Lyndsy Fonseca) and Edwin speaking to Stark saying that Peggy has no clue what is really going down. INTERESTING!


“Bridge and Tunnel” was an excellent continuation to the Pilot that aired just moments earlier. It was a funny, dynamic, interesting, character and story driven installment, putting me on the edge of my seat for next weeks episode.

It’s certainly much easier for the producers to tell an 8 episode story than span it over a whole season. But you got to love how fast paced and interesting Agent Carter is. Episode of 2 of this 8 episode tale continues the story right were the Pilot ended. In the aftermath of the explosion the SSR was investigating their own people putting Peggy in danger to be recognized as a mole, But during the radiation check Peggy identified Leed’s helper from the refinery and set him up so he would get arrested.

In her search for the milk truck containing the Stark’s activated devices, Peggy and Edwin were quite successful. But instead of just taking the truck she entered the house and overpowered the McPhee. Quickly she encountered Leen as well and got some answers from him. Realizing Leen worked for Leviathan and double crossed them after stealing Stark’s devices. Peggy and Edwin took Leen and the truck while McPhee escaped the house and was found by Thompson and Dooley.

On their way back to the city the Green Suit assassin attacked again and in a ruthless fight Peggy gained the upperhand and sent him into a lake with the exploding truck. Edwin and Peggy bonded while he stitched her up and think she finally let him be her helper cause no one can hold the weight of the world on their shoulders on their own.

In this female centric show I’m quite happy with the screen time Chad and Michael are getting. I hope the upcoming episodes will future more intense interaction with Peggy and let them join the action as well.

The back story involving Peggy and Angie was quite sweet. I mean how could any alive being say no to Lyndsy Fonseca? But Peggy quietly escaped all her intents to life together. Angie didn’t understand that Peggy was afraid for her. These girls have great on screen chemistry and I hope there will be a lot more of them together as the story goes on now that they live together. But I wouldn’t rule out that Angie is an agent as well.

The 2 hour event concluded with Krzeminski finding the back bumper of Stark’s previous car. This will put Edwin surely in the spotlight in the upcoming episodes. Looking forward to find out the story behind the Stark’s devices, Edwin, the other boys and Peggy, of course.


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