AHS Freak Show Review: Magical sticks, dolls and guns


American Horror Story returned after a short break with an interesting episode titled “Magical Thinking”. With only 3 episodes left till the season closes out I had high hopes for this outing so the season could end with a bang.

This season was quite a mess, as the character development wasn’t as prominent as in earlier season while the story was all over the place. But one factor that didn’t let us down this season was Evan Peter’s Jimmy Darling. After Jimmy agreed to cut off his left hand so Stanley would pay him a good lawyer, we witnessed an emotional moment between father and son as Dell feed his hospitalized handless son. It was interesting to hear how Dell was feeling to be the Freak in his family as he was the only one without lobster hands. As their scene ended on a positive note I suspected that Dell’s sins would caught up on him sooner than later.

Dell later went mental in his search for Stanley but only found support from Amazing Eve to free his son out of jail. He an Eve succeeded in their plan but Dell was shot in the process. But that wasn’t the shot that would kill him.

Dell was killed by Elsa. Desiree and Maggie returned from the museum containing Ma Petite and other stuff from our Freak show. Desiree than confronted Dell about what he did and he confessed he smothered Ma Petite and the moment he said it Elsa put a bullet through his head. I know this was coming for Dell but I hoped it would be a bit more cruel and impactfull. My only question is: “How did they know Dell was the one who killed Ma Petite?” Hopefully that will be answered in the nect episode.

When Matt Bomer visited in episode 5 I was quite surprised and extremely happy with what we got from his character. Meanwhile Neil Patrick Harris appearance was highly promoted and not only was it good it was amazing. He entered the Freak Show world and rocked it hard. Chester was a disturbed war veteran who had some major issues. Besides being a bit odd, he transferred his issues on his puppet doll Marjorie with whom he argued on a regular basis. But the moment Chester shared the screen with the twins they established a sincere and pure connection between them. It was sweet to see the girls having the hots for Chester. . Him asking the girls to be his assistants during his performance was a nice touch and a foundation to build trust on. This quickly lead to the girls going for Chester magic stick.

The sex scene between Bet, Dot and Chester couldn’t get any weirder after he stuck up his arm up Marjorie and screwed the twins in that position.  In a serious of flashbacks we see Chester’s backstory and how his wife slept with another women in front of him. Things escalated when the Marjorie disappeared and Chester killed his wife and her lover or better said Marjorie did it. In Chester’s mind Marjorie was alive and was played by the sweet Jamie Brewer.

In a game changing move Elsa sold her business to Chester, but after he returned to his trailer Marjorie was missing. In an surprising confrontation, a jealous Finn indirectly confronted Chester about the sins of his past. Finn was supportive of his fellow maniac and sent him towards the big tent were Marjorie was staying. Marjorie than gave Chester an ultimatum, if he wants to be happy he needs to cut the twins in half.

The episode ended on a high note, setting up some big stories for the rest of the season. Probably no one but Elsa will be safe from the angel of death and I can’t wait to see what type of farewell will the magnificent Jessica Lange get as this are the final eps for her as a regular for American Horror Story.


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