Scorpion Review: Underaged Espionage


“Kill Screen” is the type of Scorpion episode I love and enjoy. The stakes got extremely high when Ralph got involved in some dangerous business and Team Scorpion went to their limits to safe him. Besides that we found out Sylvester’s gamer nickname and it is hilarious.

Thing quickly escalated when the CIA stopped Paige and Ralph and took them into custody cause of Ralph’s actions. The little genius hacked into a secret level on a new game he was playing. Surprisingly that level contained the secret location of some CIA agents, who were killed the same night.

It was a bit messy to understand with all those encryption and hacking and stuff but overall it was quite entertaining. The search quickly lead our team to the game developer at a gamer convention. The crew had issues to enter the VIP room, so Sylvester stepped up and achieved an unbelievable highscore and gamer girl recognized him as El Guapo.

The team eventually captured the developer with a smart move by Toby and took him to the layer to interview. Nate, the developer, was to naive and it was clear he wasn’t involved into the information leak. After investigating Nate it was understandable to us to what happened with those CIA information. After the information got stolen, the thief approached naive developers like Nate and inserted his intel into the online games and sold the information to the highest bitter.

With Nate’s help they found Calvin aka Donald Chen and tried to make him confess. That ended badly for Nate who got stabbed by Calvin who run away. While Toby and Happy were saving Nate’s life, Walter and Gabe were going after Calvin. With Ralph’s help Walter succeeded in capturing Calvin.

With Nate injured Toby had enough space to be a hero, as he electrocuted Nate with car wires. That lead him to help in Walter’s project he earlier felt shut out from. Also Toby thought Walter he should be more of a grown up during his interaction with Ralph. Happy meanwhile found the original video of El Guapo! Sylvester dancing and having real fun was so funny and gave a nice tone to a character who changed a lot. I’m interested in what changed him that much.

The real threat in this episode was the interaction between Walter, Paige and Drew. Even though like most people I’m not a fan of Drew, but he was right this time and wasn’t afraid to go head to head with Walter. And I loved that! Usually everyone backs away from Walter but Drew wasn’t into that at all. Paige on the other hand wasn’t into the testosterone fight and tried to stop it from the begging.

I enjoy Kat McPhee’s emotional performances and with Ralph being involved it was emotional as possible. Paige was torn between Ralph’s well-being and the pull between Walter and Drew. I was glad she was sticking with team Scorpion but I wished she doubted them at least a bit would be far more interesting. Also Drew is completely determined to take Paige and Ralph away from Scorpion no matter what.

The closing moment with Walter sort of apologizing to Paige and Drew was just a nice detail, but confessing that Ralph is his primary focus was a big deal for Walter. Later he charmed himself a bit more into Paige’s heart with a jellyfish joke and I have to say he has a killer smile.

Scorpion passed it’s half mark and we are just 9 episodes away from the season finale! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for us as the season comes to an end.


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