Gotham Review: Unnecessary Villain


Gotham returned from its midseason break this Monday and I sincerely wanted to like “Rogues Gallery” but the episode wasn’t what I wanted it to be at all. Even though it was an intense episode and had a lot of dynamic the episode didn’t give anything to the overall story, just introduced one more villain.

The episodes main plot revolved around Jim in the Arkham Asylum. While I thought they would use the asylum to dig into the Wayne murder case it served just to fill in time before the the highly anticipated answers we seek. Things started to get weird when Jim found an electrocuted brain dead patient. With the help of his newly acquired friend Dr Leslie Thompson Jim started an internal investigation. Yes Jim investigating the crazy patients was funny but again just a couple of filler moments.

A new victim alerted Jim that he couldn’t handle this on his own so he called up Harley Bullock. It was adorable to see Harley cheer up after seeing Jim again. At this point I really fancy the duo and like their chemistry but they are ready to rumble! So writers let them.

I was surprised to find out the nurse helping Jim wasn’t a nurse at all, instead Dorothy was a patient. A patient involved into the electrocuting of inmates. After she fried a bunch of inmates she got run over by the crowd and died in the process. Jim and Harley closed the case thinking Dorothy was the master mind behind the story. But the coroner examing Dorothy find out that she was just another victim.  Jack Gruber, another inmate was revealed as the killer, and even left Jim a letter behind. In the letter he explained that he achieved what he wanted with his experiments and wished Jim all the best.

A highly adorable story followed Selina saving Ivy from dying on the street. Selina bringing Ivy to Jim’s apartment was an sweet move. Ivy answering Barbara’s call with her deep voice was a childish but inpactful move. At least it seems so as Barbara is hitting rock bottom. She engaged again with Montoya and it seems these 2 girls love to party hard. After Montoya broke things off with Barbara cause “they are toxic together”, Barbara went the nasty road. Suddenly Barbara become an interesting character again, lets see how this will unfold.

Meanwhile in Mafia world around the corner Fish was still plotting against Falcon. With other members of her their faction she discussed who would be the leader if something happened to Falcon and lets say Fish didn’t like the answer. She sent Butch to take care of. It seems Butch has more than just business in mind when Fish is in the mix, so he killed his childhood friend, Saviano, for Fish’s greater good.

Still Gotham’s main punching bag is Oswald. While trying to force his name up Maroni’s mafia family tree, he was bitched slapped and reminded by Maroni that he is still no one important. Think this will shorten Maroni’s life span, can’t wait for Oswald to take him down.

So this filler episode was entertaining but not what I want from Gotham. Gotham again is going on a break and returns on January 19th with an electrocuting episode with Jim trying to get back into GCPD.


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