Scorpion Review: I really don’t want you to do This


So I’m not happy! That is probably the reason why it took me so long to write this review! 10 days since “Dominoes” aired and I’m barely in the mood to write this review. Scorpion’s mid-season episode was quite an intense episode forcing out team of geniuses to believe in miracles. Besides that the show forced poorly executed emotions Walter actor Elyes Gabel and some great moments by Katharine McPhee.

This weeks case involved an earthquake trapping a little boy into a sinkhole and pushing Walter over the edge to save him. Walter’s fight was much more emotional than intellectual. I get the wish to save the kid but this was anything but the rational behavior we are used to.

Owen’s situation was getting worse with every moment, as the water was rising, his lung punctured and his leg was trapped under a stone and Sylvester miscalculating the time they had before Owen would drown was not helping. I like how they exploited Sylverster’s fear and used that same fear as a tool for Sylvester to make mistakes. But thankfully Megan O’Brian was there to help, she forced Sylvester to see that while he is living his greatest fears through Owen, Owen is really facing them. Sylvester faced his fears and was more functional along the way.

After another earthquake the machine supplying Owen with oxygen was trapped leaving Owen for more than 5 minutes without oxygen. Thankfully Toby and Happy brought a device that would help free Owen’s leg and extract him from the sinkhole. Of course Walter was the one to get down to the sinkhole again and let him be the savior, instead of any other more capable human being.

But as a TV show this shouldn’t be a surprise, Eysel’s poor acting skills is what is worrying me. Don’t know if it was the writing, the whole set up or just Eysel’s performance but it was completely off. But as said while Eysel was ruining Walter’s character to me, Kat McPhee was killing as Paige. She was on point, sincere, emotional and just the right level of dramatic.

The other big development of “Dominoes” was Happy telling her dad she was his daughter. I know it’s a confusing statement. But I loved fact was that he recognized her the moment she entered his shop and just as her hadn’t the balls to tell her. Also it was nice to see Toby and Happy bond over the story.

The episode concluded with the team using their skills to create the perfect gift for Ralph! SNOW! The scene was beautiful and in the right Christmas spirit I’ll look away from the bad stuff and look forward to Scorpion coming back after with the New Year.


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