AHS Freak Show Review: Orphans and Paperboys


With its 10th episode of the season AHS Freak Show took a huge detour from their main storyline and explored what happened to the adorable Pepper. To AHS fans Pepper is a familiar character from back in the 2nd season, Asylum and in this “Orphans” finally revealed the connection between Freak Show Pepper and Asylum Pepper.

After Pepper’s soul mate Salty died Pepper was inconsolable and Elsa just gave her the support she needs. Also Desiree was there for Pepper, the worried 3 bobbed woman sought advice from Elsa what to do with Pepper and how to help her. Elsa than told the story of how she started gathering her “freaks” and Pepper was the first one to get. Elsa found Pepper in an Orphanage alone, after she lost her parents and her sister was unable to take care of her. You felt Elsa’s sincerity by the way she told the story about Pepper and Jessica Lange’s voice over was brilliantly executed.

Along the way we saw how Elsa acquired MaPetite and Salty for her first and most loved Pepper. She would do anything just to make Pepper happy. The wedding between Pepper and Salty was just silly and adorable. In these moments you realize how little we need for true happiness. To facilitate Pepper’s pain they decided to find Pepper’s sister.

Elsa made a convincing argument and forced Pepper’s sister to take Pepper in. In a heartbreaking goodbye speech the 2 girls left each other in tears. In these moments you see the real strength that AHS has at moments, their storytelling is just so emotional, you feel the pain and enjoy seeing the characters unfold.

The next time we see Pepper it’s already 1962, and Rita, Pepper’s sister,  is telling Sister Mary Eunice McKee (the Asylum character played by Lily Rabe) the story of how Pepper killed her newborn baby.  Rita had a baby and she and her husband couldn’t give a damn about the kid, as it was deformed. But Pepper was committed in taking care of the baby and her life suddenly had a purpose again, of course that wouldn’t last long as the baby and Pepper were a torn Rita and her husband’s eye. They drown their own baby and accused Pepper of it and there for committing her into Briarcliff Asylum.

The episodes closing moments featured Mary Eunice help Pepper survive the pain and start a new life. Eunice let Pepper take care of the Library and there Pepper found a magazine featuring the TV star Elsa on its cover. I love Lily Rabe and can’t wait for her new show The Whispers to start.

The other story going on this week involved Desiree as well. She and her new lover boy August sought out Maggie to seek advice from the little fortune-teller. Maggie’s bitterness came through and she chased away the lovely couple.  A drunken Maggie confessed how she and Stanley met and worked together ever since. Stanley picked up Maggie when she was a poor thief and gave her a new different life. Stuff escalated between the two and Desiree finally connected that people started go sideways when Maggie and Stanley appeared.

At Maggie’s tent there was another problem just waiting, Bette and Dot confronted the spoiled brat after she refused to help Jimmy with their money. As Bette smooth moves didn’t work, Dot took over and made Maggie face her demons. The next day Maggie talked with Desiree again, and confessed all her sins and lead her to the Museum. But at the museum Maggie was shocked to find Lobster hands, most likely Jimmy’s.

Speaking of Jimmy, Stanley sought him out at jail. After Stanley disbarred Salty’s body, he went to Jimmy and made an offer to help him. He apparently called up a lawyer and needed some money to pay him. As Jimmy didn’t have anything, Stanley made and offer to pay with his hands.



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