Quick Recap: The 100 2×08


– The 100 is one hell of a show! “Spacewalker” was a game changing episode and the twist the writers brought upon us will change the show forever.

– To begin we got a lot of flashbacks showing us Finn and Raven’s backstory. Back on the Arc Raven wanted to become a Spacewalker. After getting through the test part with straight aces she was rejected cause they found something on her heart. To forfill her dream off leaving the dull life on the arc Finn arranged for Raven to make a spacewalk without anyone knowing. That backfired and as they were about to get caught Finn took her place and was sent to prison. At that moment Raven was 18 and Finn still 17, if they caught Raven she would’ve get flooded. Later Raven’s rejection was handled and Finn sacrificed himself for nothing. This explains the profound and beautiful bond between Raven and Finn.

– Back in present time, Clarke told the camp that the Grounders would agree to peace if they overhand Finn. Of course this brought up different opinions at Camp Jaha and Abby had majorly to step.

– Kane was eventually returned to The Skypeople and he thought talking to the Grounders and proposing they will judge Finn by their rules would work. Bellamy, Raven and Clarke didn’t saw this as a resolution and took Finn to the drop ship.

– On the way to the dropship Clarke and Finn were attacked by a Grounder, and a hurt and unconscious Clarke made Finn think. He barely could handle Clarke getting hurt cause of him, how would he deal with the whole camp suffering and dying cause of him. He tricked his friends and let the Grounders take him.

– At the end Clarke couldn’t do anything to save Finn and begged Lexa to let Finn live. Clarke kissed Finn, told him she loves him and stabbed him with a knife through the cheast. Clarke decided to kill Finn instead of letting the Grounders torture him and make him suffer 18 deaths for the 18 lives he took. Clarke and Raven broke and the screen faded black.

– MIA this week the Mount Weather story was completely forgotten, but will pick up right after the break. The 100 is coming back on January 21nd.


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