Mid-Season Awards: The Best of Fall 2014

Last night Mid-season finally came to an end and it’s time to recap what we saw and how does it all fits in.

* Just to be straight right away, MyTvExperience is a one man job and I cover just a certain amount of shows and the awards will be given in my humble opinion on the shows I cover  including Gotham, The Originals, Scorpion, The Flash, Arrow, The 100. AHS Freak Show, The Vampire Diaries, Reign, How to get away with Murder, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, Once Upon a Time.*

Best Pilot – The Flash “City of Heroes”


It was a tough choice! But he first episode of CW’s newest supernatural show made me think I was watching a movie. So eventful, funny, action packed and with a lot of heart. Grant Gustin’s performance as Barry Allen was infatuating! Of course a great show can’t be build on just one character, so major kudos to the whole team that worked perfectly together. Also delivering a major game changer in the final scene, where Doctor Wells was revealed to not be a paraplegic and has insight into future events, is something that made all fans go nuts.

Best New Show – How To Get Away With Murder


The newest Shonda Rhimes drama got me completely insane. Every new episode is a new dramatic hour full of turns and twists. The magic of the show lies in the fact that each week we follow a new case, but still get enough character development and follow ups to the major storyline happening behind close doors. Also the amazing flash-forwards were a real threat throughout the first 9 episodes and not to mention the actors. Even though there are a lot of young and “unknown” actors they followed the great lead of Viola Davis and deliver week after week.

Top 3 hook-ups

3rd Place: Quinn and Charlie – Scandal 4×09

– Quinn went up to Charlie to tell him Rowan is taking B316 agents down one by one. Things pretty quick went from banter to sex. Than Quinn realized Charlie was assigned to kill her and then a strange fight hook up happened. These 2 have literally crazy chemistry and them hooking up is always a treat.

2nd Place: Hayley and Elijah – The Originals 2×09

– Since the first scenes these 2 shared people were waiting for them to hook up, including me. In the season 2 mid-season episode it finally happened and holly cow was it good. The tension, the momentum, the surprise factor, everything was in place and it was a really threat. They cut it a bit short probably cause of Daniel’s wife and Phoebe’s extra hot boyfriend Paul Wesley but still it was steamy like never before Mondays 8pm.

1st Place: Meredith and Derek – Grey’s Anatomy 11×06


– So even though we had 10 full seasons of steamy sex scenes this one was quite special. There was a lot bad energy floating around MerDer this season but this hook up was worth it! The couple was trying to safe their marriage and a lot of safe words were used, so when they throw away the words and started using tongues it totally paid off. Under the shower these 2 hotties delivered something some younger and hotter bodies wouldn’t achieve.


Don’t worry Derek, loose much more time in the shower! We won’t mind!

Top 5 most emotional scenes

In a sea of perfect emotional scenes I had to choose my personal Top 5 and it was a really hard job to do.

5th Place: Oliver and Thea Queen – Arrow 03×03

– After finally reuniting with Thea, Oliver knew he had to step up and tell Thea as much as he can to bring her back home. Oliver confessing to Thea that their father committed suicide so he could live was just heartbreaking. From the very first scene between Stephen and Willa these 2 had an amazing bond that transferred amazingly to the screen. Hoping for more of these to come as the siblings will be apart for some time again.

4th Place: Mr Gold and Belle – Once Upon A Time 04×12

– This was certainly a game changer! I certainly didn’t saw Belle chasing Gold out of Storybrooke. In Belle’s best OUAT scene so far Emile de Ravin gave it all she had and made me tear up.  Just to be clear its very easy to make me tear up when I’m invested with a character but Rumbelle is probably the only OUAT couple I don’t give a damn for. But Gold and Belle made me enjoy this scene so much. I didn’t think Belle had it in her to push Gold away but I’m so proud she did.


3rd Place: Arizona and Callie – Grey’s Anatomy 11×05

– So who saw that coming? Arizona and Callie breaking up for GOOD! Okay nothing is for good in Shondaland but the emotional roller coaster that happened in this hour was not real. We witnessed their marriage following apart, hook up together and then in a surprisingly calm way Callie let Arizona and their marriage go. Callie came to the conclusion their marriage hit a road block and she just wasn’t happy anymore and couldn’t see her getting their again.

2nd Place: Annalise Keating – How To Get Away With Murder 01×04

“Why is your penis on a dead girls phone?” and the screen goes black. After Wes overhanded Annalise Lila’s phone with someones penis pic on it things got serious. During the scene Viola Davis barely spoke. She was getting ready for bed, taking of her wig, make up, fake eye lashes and just a human shelf is left. The background music (Bastille “No ones here to sleep”), Viola Davis sad sad eyes and these 9 wow wow boom words, just earthshaking! Never though silence could be this emotional.

1st Place: Barry and Henry Allen – The Flash 01×09

– I didn’t see this coming! During The Flash’s mid-season premiere Barry shared a stunning scene with his father, Henry. The father-son moment was so sad but so optimistic at the same time. Barry was stroken hard by his inability to defeat the Yellow flash, he was hunting for 14 years. But Henry saw all the sacrificing his son has done for their family and tried to cheer his son up.


Henry acknowledged all what he has done and asked him to start living HIS LIFE! Not the life of Henry Allen’s son, just the life of the simple, adorkable and loveable Barry Allen.

*HONORABLE MENTION – Scandal 04×01: Harrison’s funeral! A scene filled with desperate cries and a lot of hand holding. The group with the most emotional issues delivered a highly intense and heartwarming scene. Kudos to the cast and writers.

Top 3 Game Changing Moments

3rd Place – How To Get Away With Murder 01×09

– The first of certainly many mid-season finals of HTGAWM was over all a slower episode. It was mostly filled with the flashbacks of the previous episodes and we barely got new material. But the stuff we got were just amazing scenes. We saw how Sam died, twice once by Michaella’s push and the second time by the hands of Wes. But the certainly game changer come just seconds before the episode ended. Annalise knew was in cahoots with Wes in covering up Sam’s murder.

2nd Place – The Originals 02×05

– So this stuff no one knew was coming! In a series of flashbacks it was revealed that Esther had an older sister, the most powerful witch Esther ever knew. Esther turned to her when she and Mikael couldn’t have children and with Dahlia’s help Esther got 7 very healthy children. But Esther couldn’t imagine what price she had to pay, Dahlia took her first-born Freya and told Esther she takes right on every first-born of the next generation, including Hope.

1st Place – Scandal 04×09

– In Shonda Rhimes words any type of Finale is SPELLED with a capital Scandal! Scandal 4th mid-season finale was a crazy hour of television and once more no one could even expect how the hour would end. Olivia Pope getting freaking kidnapped???? Who would’ve thought that would happen? No one and so much harder is the 2 month wait for new episodes of this scandalous show.

Top3 Villains

3rd Place – Stephane Narcisse “Reign”

– Reign’s best decision entering Season 2 was adding Craig Parker to their cast. The wealthy noble Narcisse is playing a game of chess like barely anyone knows at the French court. Paying the nanny to play a possessed with Henry’s spirit was just mind-blowing. He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to take it. At the end he did get a bit weak, but it was cause of his believes. And there isn’t a great villain then the one who is strong connected with his convictions. I doubt that Narcisse will tolerate Francis s*it for long and strike back as strong as possible.

2nd Place – Malcolm Merlyn “Arrow”

– Malcolm is a devious piece of shit! But the great thing about him is you love to hate him and he isn’t faking love for anybody. Even though Malcolm was most of the season in the background pulling the strings he was just shaping out the rest of the season. After Arrow’s ms finale I was so blown away with Malcolm. From the moment he came back into Thea’s life he started a plan that would clean his slate. Everything he did was put the stones into place so Oliver would face Ra’s al Ghul and take him from his back.

1st Place – Rowan Pope “Scandal”

– I don’t think that currently there is a bigger evil walking over the small screen! Rowan’s actions, monologues and attitude are just stunning. Every time Joe Morton appears in a scene I knew we were in for trouble. He is calculated and has this group of rules that no one can compare too, never has and never will. How will his story end? No clue, I hope it won’t till the last scene of Scandal.

Biggest Disappointment of the Season – Gotham

Words can’t explain how much this hurts me to write. I love the cast, thought the story had a lot of potential but then it all fall apart. Don’t get me wrong Gotham had it’s great moments, like episode 6-8, but the overall feeling is that Gotham disappointed. The characters are bland, the story isn’t consistent and I just don’t feel it. Ben McKenzie is doing a great job with what he’s getting, he indeed pulls the story but the writers don’t have enough balls to unravel the story. They drag it around and wait to long to reveal anything to us and what they reveal feels quite underwhelming.

Best Show of the Mid-season – Scandal


– Think it’s quite obvious if you look at the other categories, that I’m a dead ringer for Scandal. And how can’t I be! Every episode feels fresh, storylines aren’t repeating and the writers aren’t waiting to pull of a bad ass move. Scandal won’t wait till the mid-season or a 2-3 week break to deliver a major cliffhanger and that is why I love it. Every character is getting enough focus, development and a story on his own to struggle with. Scandal returns on January 22nd and can’t wait for the show to blew me away again.

That is my simple view on this Mid-season and recapping it made me just more anxious about what’s to come when all my favorite shows return from their winter breaks.


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