Once Upon A Time Review: Blind Spot


Last night Once Upon A Time ended its fall/winter run with a solid installment, titled “Heroes and Villains”. I sincerely have to say I expected more! I’m a huge fan of the characters and Captain Swan that at times I get blind and don’t see the bad things or better said I don’t recognize them as bad. But this time I felt flat as the show decided to take once more the easy way out. The Winter finale was pretty much Rumbelle centric and finally Belle stepped up and saw past her personal blind spot.

In the Enchanted Forest that once was, Rumple and Belle shared a fine story. After a trip to Camelot, where Rumplestilskin obtained a magic gauntlet, Belle was kidnapped by Cruella. Yes Cruella de Ville! Before entering the story a bit deeper I have to say Victoria Smurfit is born to play this role. How does she fit in the Enchanted Forrest-verse is still a mystery but I hope the resolution will be good.

Back to the story, Cruella with her friends Ursula and Malificent wanted the Gauntlet Rumple obtained and Belle was perfect for the exchange. Why did they want the Gauntlet? The Gauntlet is able to tell you someone’s biggest weakness aka the thing he loves the most. In fear of Belle’s life Rumple gave in their threats and let them take the gauntlet. But Rumple wouldn’t be Rumple if he wouldn’t fight back. So after bringing Belle back to his castle he visited the Queens of Darkness once more and took his Gauntlet back. I was a bit disappointed how week the Queens were, especially Urusla who kicked ass in that one appearance back in S03. But let’s say it was  because they were tired and beaten up by the good guys. Tired from always losing to the Heroes and never getting their happy ending. They tried persuade Rumple to their side but at that point he didn’t need their help. But that would change about 30 years later.


Back in Storybrooke Rumple started to make the final moves in his agenda to cut himself of the dagger and obtain full power. But things went wrong when Belle found the Gauntlet in the Pawn shop. She used it and it lead her to the Real Dagger. She busted the spell Rumple started, rescued Hook and forced Gold to take them to the towns border. At the boarder an empowered Belle let all of her anger out and no matter how much Rumple begged she wouldn’t let him persuade him this time. She chased the love of her life over the boarder!


I really adore Emile De Ravin and I really hope the writers start to exploit her much more. Last nights appearance of Belle was one of the best performance OUAT saw this season. I could see how every word Belle spoke was breaking her part by part. She didn’t need any kind of magic besides the magic of Rumple’s love. But he loved his magic and power more.

At the end 6 week have past and a helpless Rumple, now just Mr. Gold left without magic and power decided to find the Queen of Darkness and join their hunt for a happy ending. First he found Ursula, working in a New York aquarium, and told her they are going after The Author, but before that they had 2 places to stop by!

Probably the same Author Regina and Henry were seeking in their Operation Moonguze. After Belle, Regina had to suffer a huge loss as well. Robin, Roland and Marian crossed the towns border as well with no chance of returning (for now)! After Ingrid self-destructed Regina gave Marian her heart back and she seemed just fine. But Ingrid’s residual magic was still lingering over Storybrooke and the only way to survive was so to leave.

The heartbreak followed when Robin decided to leave with Marian and Roland. Their goodbye was so emotional but I’m sure this isn’t the end of their story. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gold and da Queens use Robin as a weapon to force Emma and Regina to break down the wall and let the Villains enter Storybrooke. I just loved the talk Regina and Gold shared before she let Robin go. He encouraged her to kill Marian but she knew that wasn’t the way. That destruction wouldn’t bring nothing good to her and her path to a happy ending. Glad to see Regina’s growth stuck with her and won’t go anywhere soon. On the other hand I like we saw the background behind Rumple’s power hunger, dying and being manipulated by Zelena really hit him hard, not to mention the lost of his son.

In Regina’s happy ending tale Henry made a breakthrough discovery. He found a bunch of empty story books in the Mansion! So we assume the Mansion belongs to the author. But a big fail was Henry letting Emma know about their quest. I don’t like this! Emma shouldn’t but in, this was something only Henry and Regina share.

In other Emmalicious development she and Hook are back on good terms after she put his heart back. I could watch this show just in anticipation of their moments. Their chemistry is currently the only thing I hang on and will probably push me through out the show.

A tale of two sisters found its end in this episode as well. Elsa, Anna and Kristoff returned to Arendelle and they have to thank Rumple for it. Anna was a side block on his road and he needed her gone. So he found the portal that brought Ingrid to our world in the Author’s Mansion and forced Hook to lead the trio to it. Elsa and Emma saying goodbye was a beautiful scene and I will miss all 3 Arendelle characters, hoping for a feature cameo by some of them.

Besides name dropping Camelot, chasing Rumple and Robin out of Storybrooke the winter finale was quite uneventuful. I hoped for much more and feel quite let down, looking at the ratings I’m not the only one. OUAT returns March 1st with brand new episodes and brand new plot featuring the new Quartet of Villains.


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