The Vampire Diaries Review: Changes

Christmas Through Your Eyes

“Christmas through your eyes” aka Episode 10 of Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries was once more a strong outing with some shocking developments and some X-mas spirit flowing around our favorite Vampire gang.

Lets start the review with the most heartbreaking development of the night! Liz Forbes has a brain tumor and to be even more devastating vampire blood can’t cure tumors. When I heard it first I was like what??? But it makes sense, tumor tissue grows on its own and Vamp blood could maybe even support the grow instead of stopping it.

But before pining more over the fact that Liz Forbes will be no more, we can go from the start. Liz brought X-mas to Whitmore College and assigned Stefan to help her. Caroline was of course bitching around cause of Stefan and it was adorable of watching her be mad. Liz eventually fainted making Stefan and Caroline rush her to the Whitmore Hospital. Elena joined them and soon Stefan and Elena found out Liz has a metastatic glioblastoma.

Stefan decided finally to step up as a friend and be there for Caroline. Watching Caroline’s optimism slowly fade away was heartbreaking, I’m glad Stefan was there for her.

Meanwhile in Mystic Falls Kai teamed up with Tyler to take out Jo. I must say Kai knows how to make an entrance. Stabbing a girl to get into the ER and abduct Jo was just brilliant. The writers really reinvented themselves with the introduction of Kai.

I’m so mad at Tyler for plotting against Jo. When ever was the solution to sacrifice someone else. So he talked Luke and Liv into going against their sister and team up with Kai. But with Luke bailing, Thankfully Luke was the voice of reason and told both Tyler and Liv to stick it. Jo and Liv had time to bond. And I thing it was the best scene between the girls on the show to date. Liv encouraging Jo to face Kai in the merge was just so empowering and I’m glad Jo got her powers back.

Afterwards Damon and Alaric went after Kai and were successful in defeating him. But Jo convinced Alaric not to kill Kai cause she knows she can get stronger. Huge mistake of guys. Even though trapped Kai sucked all the magic out of the Travler’s spell. Supercharging himself and letting our friends comeback to Mystic Falls.

Jeremy and Matt were this week good for something! They made a move against Enzo and their plan almost worked out. But after Kai broke the anti-magic spell, Enzo survived Matt’s attempt of killing him. It was nice to see Enzo’s background in his revenge against Stefan. He was jealous, of his looks, cause of Caroline, the respect and family he doesn’t deserves! Interesting, but even more interesting Enzo recruited Matt in his war against Stefan. The one thing I look forward to is to see Enzo share scenes with Kai? That would be a sociopathic blast.

Back in prison world Bonnie was decorating a tree on his own. It was really sad watching her drag the tree around her school yard and argue with the eclipse. Julie Plec promised Bonnie will be back but changed! Probably a bit Gaga from all the alone time. ICYMI We got some flashbacks as well, the junior year X-mas celebration just at the begging of out story, with should’ve occured around Season 1.

The episode ended with Stefan returning Damon his car and it was nice move to see that Stefan worked so hard on it. But the really gamechanger was that Kai cloaked himself and Elena? Why? No freaking clue but it was freaking hilarious to see Elena react to Damon not seeing her. The wait for episode 11 will be a real bitch as TVD returns on January 22nd.


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