Scorpion Review: Not Feeling


After a two week break Scorpion returned with a major episode, titled “Revenge”. As said in earlier reviewes when Scorpion hits that great space between a dynamic case and emotional connection it’s just a joy to watch.

This week was especially intense. After Sylvester got injured during one of their investigations and it pushed our characters in some strange directions.

Karolina Wydra appeared as Agent Simone Tyler who was involved in a case involving “The Ghosts”. Karolina played an interesting role and I wasn’t expecting anyone to get near to Walter anytime soon. Especially as he doesn’t do emotions as he stated many times in this episode. She was driven, pushy and sexy, a perfect combination for a guest appearance. But I surely wouldn’t mind to see her appear again.

Especially Paige was bothered by Simone’s pushy adtittude, she was hurt and needed time to process so she thought everyone needed that same time. But Walter couldn’t work like Paige wanted, he needed to push away the emotions and thoughts put into Sylvester and capture The Ghosts. At moments Walter seemed obsessed and was rude towards his friends but he got results.

After a bit of back story about Simone and her injured partner, Walter finally connected the dots and intend of The Ghosts. They wanted to alert people that they were able to break the saves, so the saves would be moved. After The Ghosts proceeded with their attack a wild chase started the team worked brilliantly like always.

The Ghosts had to part ways and 2 were chased by Cabe, Toby and Happy. She tricked them so good that I was shocked. She broke a street hydrant and forced the bikers to fall of their bikes. Walter meanwhile hunted down Javier, the leader and after an intense chase cornered him on a rooftop. Javier accidentely slipped over the edge and Walter couldn’t catch him on time. Even though it seemed like a revenge move, it was later revealed it was pure mathematics. There wasn’t a way for Walter to save him, Javier would take Walter with him,

I was shocked and plesentely surprised by how affected Toby was. The guy that usually handled everyone’s emotions couldn’t process the fact that Sylvester could possibly die or his brain wouldn’t fully function when he wakes up.

Megan coming back again to babysit by Sylvester’s side was just really enjoyable. Megan is such a great character and is a great choice to interact with Sylvester. At the end he had a panic attack after he realized that Scorpion the only place he felt safe at is now compramaisend as well. This will be a got story to follow through.

The episode ended with Paige on a date with Drew (Brendan Hines) and him letting her be with her new family. Walter was with Simone on a celebratory drink with Walter and wanted to make a one night stand out of it but Walter wasn’t there with her. Walter’s heart was with someone somewhere else, so he refused the offer.

A truly great episode ended with the whole cyclone siting down and reading comics by Sylvester’s side.



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