Reign Review: Sins of the Mercyfull



“Mercy” was a rough and edgy episode, Reign’s second mid-season finale was an emotional installment filled with some raw moments giving us more to digest.

I have to give some major kudos to Adelaide for portraying such a delicate Mary. She proved herself many times but this time around she took us over the edge. The small details she and the writers gave to her character were so delicate and I see a bright future on the horizon for Adelaide.

The situation between Mary and Francis majorly escalated when he finally told her the truth about his father, Narcisse, his absence during the night of the rape.

Mary confessed to her ladies what happened to her and her strength was warming somewhere between creepy and powerful. Mary’s grace and dignity were such a powerful weapon but now it was an odd coping mechanism.

The story further involved Conde finding the leader of the Protestants dead and seeking out Francis. As Francis was absent and Conde teamed up with Mary. Mary used her female compassion to get information from the leaders wife. Mary and Conde found a cottage where her rapist eventually settled in and after some unapologetic words Mary decided she wanted them dead right away and let Conde burn them to death.

Mary’s pain awoke the ruthless Mary that couldn’t tolerate any weakness anymore. Not even Francis’s weakness and plea for forgiveness were recognized by her and she moved permanently out of her husbands rooms.

While Mary was pushing him away, madness was taking over Francis. He turned ruthless in his search for the rapist and was determined to find them.The only solution Francis knew for was death and he didn’t care how many people he would kill to seek out justice.

Francis found a way to let out his rage. Lola shared some information about Narcisse’s possible whereabouts and Francis sought him out. Narcisse was going mad from guilt and hid himself from Francis rage. Before all Narcisse is a Catholic and full of regret, But even in during his weakest moments Narcisse was smart. In case of his death he signed all his property to the Protestants forcing Francis to keep him alive. After Mary blocked Francis out of their chambers he sought out Narcisse and promised that now he will be the puppetmaster.

A major disappointed was Greer’s story. I was so flushed by the revelation that Castleroy was involved in Mary’s rape. I mean he thought he was giving money for a school and was tricked but it was a nice twist. But the writers didn’t took the opportunity to take the story on a new level.

Instead they used Leith as Greer’s savior once more. He used his influence and saved Castleroy from Francis rage on the Protestants. Greer later let Castleroy go she “said” she wanted to protect him so he wouldn’t look suspicious.

But there was an even worse story in this episode, Catherine and Claude. Catherine’s subconscious was working really hard on her and her hallucinations made her do some pretty terrible things. The twin hallucinations forced her to poison Claude so she did. BTW could Claude be anymore annoying??? She is terrible, I didn’t watch Rose Williams in any different role but the writing and execution of Claude is just terrible.

ICYMI Catherine’s hallucination switched form. Reasonable of course, as her guilt switched to murderer instead of just being someone who protects her daughter. She started sex-hallucinating Henry. Yep Alan Van Sprang returned to court as a tasty turned on hallucination. Henry saying the twins sent him was just creepy. Eventually Catherine gave in and slept with the hallucination. Let’s see where the story will go from her!

In a surprising development of the evening Conde’s brother, Antoine The King of Navarre, appeared at court. Informing us that Conde was sent as a spy for him in his ambition to take the crown from Francis. In the closing moments Mary was giving Conde’s letter, where he informed her he was in love with her.

The writers made quite the mess in this last couple of episodes. Conde falling for Mary was obvious, but I hope she won’t really turn to him. All the Reign fans are going on a winter break now, as Reign returns January 22nd with brand new exciting episodes.


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