Quick Recap: The Big Bang Theory 8×11


– This week we witnessed X-mas Big Bang Theory style and “The Clean Room Infiltration” was a really good and funny episode after 6×10.

– With Raj’s father in town, Amy was the one to host the Christmas dinner. Amy was a hilarious host with her stupid games and including Dr Koothrapoli in the games was a great part of the story. Penny interacting with the marriage frustrated Koothrapoli could have long term effects on the her.

– Also a really interesting development making Berny and Sheldon interact. I barely remember the two share scenes without other characters. Sheldon wanting to hurt Amy by buying her a gift was a hilarious idea.

– I liked how the idea kicked Shelodon’s but. After he gifted Amy with a picture of him in Santa’s lap, Amy took out the gift she bought for him. She made him cookies! But not some ordinary cookies, they were made by his grandmothers recipe. Sheldon meltdown and embraced his girl.

– It’s odd to see Sheldon and Amy mention the I love you so much. But why not when its true.

– On the other side of town Sheldon and Leonard had some big issues. After a bird entered a clean room a big fight emerged between the friends and Raj wasn’t mending the fence at all. After some funny moments and Howard CPR-ing the bird the friends made peace. But things complicated when another bird entered the room.

– Eventually Penny outsmarted the boys and just told them to erase their names of the signing sheet and just pretend like nothing happened.


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