Quick Recap: The 100 2×07


– The 100 delivered one more extraordinary episode, “Long Into An Abyss” had action, suspense and quite interesting developments. Episode 7 of season 2 set up some major stories for next weeks mid-season finale and the rest of season 2.

– So after Jaha returned to the camp with devastating information, things were about to escalate. Abby didn’t want to run neither did group around Clarke, they wouldn’t leave their people in MW behind. But Jaha was against it, he wanted to run. Run towards the City of Light and find refuge for his people.

– Abby eventually agreed to Jaha’ s plan but the information brought by Clarke were a game changer and Abby decided to side with her daughter.

– Clarke tried to help Octavia and Bellamy cure Lincoln from becoming a Reapper. Clarke later diagnosed Lincoln as being under the influence of drugs that turned him. And as she had success in calming Lincoln’s addiction she decided to use this as leverage against the Grounders.

– With Abby’s blessing Clarke sought out Lexa, Anja’s second in command and proposed peace to them. Lexa wanted prove to see if Clarke was lying so Clarke took Lexa to the drop ship where they held Lincoln. Of course Lincoln flat lined just when Lexa and co arrived with Clarke.

– In a tense situation Abby shocked Lincoln twice and revived him bringing old Lincoln back to life. The Grounders agreed to peace and the piece will start the moment Clarke gives Finn over. And next week will be all about the decision making!

– Back at Mount Weather Cage and dr Tsing were experimenting with the blood of the skypeople. They weren’t backing down from their desire to life on the surface and as the skypeople’s blood wasn’t enough they needed their bone marrow. Cage tried to convince his father, President Dante Wallace, to the bone marrow transplant but Wallace denied as the procedure would kill the kids.  But that didn’t stop Cage and Tsing and they abducted a girl and took her bone marrow.

– Meanwhile Jasper, Monty and co broke into Dante’s office and tried to get something out so they could get out of their inprisonment. Monty hacked into Dante’s laptop and saw pictures of the people from the arc giving the kids hope again.

– Hope is something the skypeople really need but the horizon is filled with desperation.


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