Pretty Little Liars Review: x-mAs PLL way


In PLL’s first ever Christmas special, the producers flashed us with shocking hallucinations, flashing white dresses and poor people masks. Yes PLL tried to push a lot of things in just one hour but still there were some interesting revelations and some surprising new alliances.

PLL is great in teasing stories but the thing is they always feel flat when they deliver a revelation. In this X-mas special they once teased some interesting stories but the end result was more or less a let down.

The most interesting story last nigh was of course revolving around Ally! I mean it’s always about ALISON but I the struggle surrounding the character. Alison was hunted by Mona’s ghost! I know the “Alison is A” theory is just one more mislead but why is Alison feeling this guilty. Why is her subconscious playing such a rough game with her.

She dreamed how Mona was hunting her and giving her some clues. In her dream Ally flashed to a Christmas where she found 2 identical gifts. She thought they were both for her but her mother convinced her there was only one gift.

At her party Alison was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of CeCe Drake. Cece was full of support and warning Alison about the liars. Could it be that Cece killed Mona, to protect Alison?

Later Mona appeared once more to Ally and moved her to a church. At the church Ally faced her mother. Jessica told Alison its all her fault and that they will be coming for her soon. Intriguing!

This was a really emotional episode for HANNA! Right off she received a post-mortem letter from Mona, where she asks her to never stop fighting. Hanna wasn’t backing down so while Ally was at her Christmas dance Hanna and Spencer broke into Ally’s house searching for clues against Ally and her killing Mona. Things quite escalated when “A” appeared at the house as well and faced off Hanna knocking her down. But the break in wasn’t a complete bust as Hanna found a fake passport and a letter from Bethany Young were she tells thanks to Ali for inviting her to labor day.

Spencer besides hiding from “A”, shared some interesting moments with Toby. After getting bailed out of jail she feared that she won’t get out, but Toby was filled with optimism for both of them.

EMILY was wearing the most beautiful dress and looked quite stunning. Besides that she was shocked when Paige revealed her parents want her to move to California ASAP. It will be interesting to see how things will play out between those 2. Besides that didn’t anyone else notice that the Paige actress, Lindsay Shaw, is rapidly losing weight! Doesn’t look healthy anymore.

Emily was overlooking the party with Aria, Caleb, Ezra and Paige. During the party she spent some quality time with Sydney and Jenna who became one of Ally’s main minions in order to protect themselves. Sydney and Jenna shared their suspicion that Alison killed Mona. In an other major reveals during the dance it seems that Holbrook was involved with Cece. Quite the hotties sharing the bed.

ARIA and Ezra had their fine moments just letting us remember that Ezra is coming from a family of wealthy.

The episode ended with Ezra, Tyler, Toby and Paige dress up/strip into Santa underwear and spend a Christmas dinner together with the girls. While they were dining Alison was lurking through the window. “A” also sent the girls a message with many lightbulbs spelling

Merry Christmas Bitches!


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