Arrow Review: Than Evil becomes Death


So wait a moment! After watching Arrow’s season 3 mid-season finale I had to take a deep breath. Even though I’m a spoiler junky and knew more or less what will go down in the last Arrow episode of 2014, I was certainly surprised how things eventually played out. “The Climb” was the perfect combination of story development, heartbreaking scenes, amazing battles and a major cliffhanger.

Matt Nable’s Ra’s al Ghul put a sword through Oliver Queen’s chest and pushed him over a cliff. But before the epic sword fight happened, we witnessed a bunch of game changers. After Nyssa told Oliver that the League would go rogue on Starling if he doesn’t deliver Sara’s killer in 48 hours, Team Arrow was in bad bad place. Thankfully Caitlin delivers the DNA sample from the arrow Felicity gave her. Felicity rushed the sample through a criminal database and she got a result, no other than Oliver Queen. Oliver realized that was a message from Malcolm and they started investigating.

Felicity quickly looked at some flight records and found a flight that flew from Corto Maltese to Starling city the night before Sara was killed. Arrow and Arsenal found the pilot and got security footage from the flight, that to Team Arrow’s surprise included Thea and Malcolm. Oliver confronted Thea about her lying about meeting Merlyn. Thea confessed but made it clear she wasn’t in Starling before she returned with Oliver. Felicity and Diggle pressured Oliver to confront Thea as Arrow and no one ever knew what that would bring to us!

After Thea proved as a solid fighter against the Arrow, Oliver met with Malcolm. He sent Oliver a video of Thea killing Sara! YES little miss Queen killed the Canary. But of course there was a catch! Malcolm drugged Thea with a suggestible medicine and made her kill Sara! The big question is why?

And that evil man Malcolm Merlyn had an answer. He knew Oliver would do anything to protect Thea and would present himself as Sara’s killer to the league. After asking for a trial by combat and killing Ra, all the blood dead would be erased. DID U MISS MALCOLM? I did for sure. So this all was just his master plan`? His connection to Thea? 

Oliver finally faced Ra’s and fake confessed killing Sara. ICYMI Matt Nable delivered a brilliant performance, the combination of ruthless, powerful and insightful made him such a deep character. I loved the Oliver’s line after Nyssa asked him why he did it:

She begged me to! It’s not the first time Sara choose death over the league.

He gave Oliver 12 hours to prepare for their duel. Oliver’s goodbyes with Thea and Felicity were heartbreaking.

Felicity begged him to cross his promise and kill Ra’s. She knew he wasn’t the killer anymore but she needed him to come back. He just told her He loves her and left. My Olicity heart exploded a bit but had to pull itself together as Oliver faced Ra’s. The battle was one of the best in Arrow history! But Oliver went to emotional into it! He knew he had to win to protect his sister while Ra entered the battle cold hearted and was superior from the first second. Ra’ upperhanded Oliver and put a sword through his chest ending the show on his biggest cliffhanger to date.

ICYMI 2 Maseo was one of Ra’s personal guards. He tried to protect Oliver and said him that he should back off. But in the flashbacks Maseo introduced that suggestible drug to Oliver, the one Malcolm used to make Thea kill Sara. In other flashback developments China White attacked and abducted Tatsu, while Oliver and Maseo were investigating a bio war weapon China was interested in. The Hong Kong story finally starts to go somewhere.

Felicity meanwhile had to face Ray’s feelings. On the night of Slade’s killer army attacking Starling the Sladers attacked Ray and his fiancée, killing her in the process. That is why Ray stuck in Starling and is developing the A.T.O.M, suit. The interesting thing is that the suit involved huge technology minimized cough Atom is a superhero who could shrink himself cough. Ray asked Felicity to help him save Starling.

Completely on the other side of town and tonight’s story Alex Kingston’s Dinah Lance returned to the city. Dinah had the feeling something went wrong with Sara and Laurel couldn’t take it anymore and confessed to her mother that Sara is dead. Laurel promised her mother she would revenge her sister’s death and Dinah asked her to make them suffer. So how will Laurel react to finding out that Thea killed? No clue but can’t wait to find out. On the ironic site of last nights events, Thea found Laurel talking to Sara’s grave and Laurel confessed Thea that Sara was dead. It’s a shame these 2 doesn’t share more scenes together they were really entertaining in season 1.

Arrow returns to our small screen in 6 far away weeks and the wait we take a serious hit on our health. So many stories are hanging in the air and I don’t know which one I look more forward to! Thea finding out she killed Sara? Thea finding out Malcolm drugged her? Laurel finding out Thea killed Sara? Ray suiting up? Or maybe even the faith of Oliver Queen!


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