AHS Freak Show Review: Only Chance For Happiness


Freak show entered last third of episodes and “Tupperware Party Massacre” held a high level of entertainment! Evan Peters is really killing it this season and in a combination with Finn Wittrock the show is back to its old glory.

So let’s start last night episode with rewinding what happened to these 2 handsome boys. Jimmy was broken after Ethel’s death and was drinking his ass of throughout the hour. He was so destroyed that he was searching for more and more comfort with Ima eventually trying to F her. They were busted by Maggie and Desiree making the girls clash over the boy. But not even this shuck up Jimmy. He than went to one of the parties, he was regularly visiting earlier, the ones where he satisfied housewives with his special hands.

As he was drunk he wasn’t on top of his performance and didn’t make the ladies happy. His alcoholism pushed over and he hallucinated Ethel in front of the girls. That creep the women out and chased Jimmy from the party. It was so nice to see Katie Bates again. Ethel was such a strong character and sadly she wasn’t explored enough but maybe these hallucinations will shed more light on her character.

Later at the camp Dot and Bette waited at Jimm’y trailer ready to be his one and only, forever. But their words pushed a button in Jimmy’s head and he was honest to them and refused to sleep with them cause he is in love with someone else. At the end Jimmy was arrested for killing the ladies at the party earlier. Jimmy’s downfall should better to be followed by the rise of the phoenix.

Dandy was going into a completely mad direction. He first killed a woman and sew her head to his mothers dead boy playing Dot and Bette with them. In another moment of rage he killed all the Ladies at the party Jimmy earlier visited. Pinning the murder directly to Jimmy.

But that wasn’t even close to the level of madness he got. He later confronted Regina (Gabourey Sidibe), Dora’s daughter, and confessed all his sins to her making her run hell over hills. Regina returned with a policeman and turned

Stanley and Dell shared once more an interesting moment. Stanley assulted Dell on the street letting his penis out on the road. It was a strange strange scene but I’m still intrigued by what kind of penis Stanley has! Is it just big or what? The guilt over killing MaPetite was eating Dell up and Stanley’s “attack” provoked the guilt to overwhelm him. Dell tried to kill himself but to our luck Desiree heard some noise and rescued Dell.

Denis O’Hare’s Stanley is probably the most fun character in this entire show. He is cold-hearted, extreme and doesn’t care about anybody. He arranged his boyfriend to play a fake doctor to take the twins apart but when the young man failed in repeating one sentence Stanley decided he is just good enough for a BJ.

But to prove this isn’t just a show about interesting man Sarah Paulson delivered one more great performance. After Elsa and Stanley put them away before their operation, the two sisters shared an amazing moment when Bette offered herself as a sacrifice so Dot could live a normal life. The thought of losing her sister made Dot realize she already had everything she needed in life with Bette by her side.

Afterwards the scene with Jimmy followed and Paula nailed it once more.

Jimmy Darling, I have loved you since the first moment I set eyes on you. You were warm. You were kind, and you looked at me. You didn’t flinch. Not even a bit. And in that moment, I felt like I could face anything with you by my side. You are the only man for me. ‘Cause you’re like us. Different, but special. Let me take your pain away. Replace it with love.

Dot confessing her love and loyalty to Jimmy was beautifully delivered. I’m really curious where the twins will end up when the show ends.

AHS is slowly cutting Jessica Lange out of the show and truth to be told I don’t miss her that much. Paula, Finn and Evan are great leads and if Katie and Michael stick around as well the show will last long after Jessica’s department. Either way I believe Jessica will have a great goodbye as this season ends in just 4 episodes.


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